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Tall, Fun, Funny, And a whole lot more!
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Taunton Massachusetts United States
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  Casual, Average
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  Average, Athletic
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About Me

Im very good at fixing things that involve technology, and changing light bulbs, sucks being tall sometimes. lol. or just about doing anything that normal sized people cant reach without a ladder. well thats my life. lol
That I'm very talk. I'm 6'8" and that I have bushy blond hair. One day it was straight the next it is wavey with a little curl, i blame our water but who cares right i like the look. just a pain in the ass to try and comb
Started to read the Harry potter books a few months ago. not a big book reader but a Nation Geographic does wonder's, I love Scifi movies. Westerns. anything but Horror, I watch Burn notice, Chuck, Alphas, Warehouse 13 ( just started to watch ), Stargate, Eureka, Just things i can escape Rl for when i'm watching something. I love all types of food. Seafood is by far the best. Specially if it has pasta with it!

What I'm Looking For

Hello. My name is Christian. I am trying this site dating thing since it is very hard to find people like myself were i live. I am a student or will be this january. I have 2 cats and a new puppy. I still live with my mom. but before jumping to thinking I'm a moma's boy you need to see were i live. Im looking for a women that can accept me for who i am, and try not to make me into something I'm not. I love Photography as an off to the side thing. I have traveled around quite a bit. Hawaii was amazing. never made it to alaska yet but i was hoping to find some one first so i can share my travels with her. I also use to sing allot. I use to be in groups for Base sining. I also love to dance. I will admit i'm horrible at it but im always up for learning more about it. One of my greatest things about me i feel is when i'm in in a relationship I am Loyal threw Thin and thick. If you can get threw the hard times in your life with your other, means you can prob get threw anything! I know I'm still young, But age is just a simple measure of time. I would love to hear from you. Please send me a message and we could get to know each other. all i am is looking for friendship to start with. then hopefully it will lead to dates and then from there we will figure out were we are going from there.

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