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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Maryland United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
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  Very Long
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About Me

My name is Unique.

I don't carre who you are, or what you believe.
All I care about is how you feel about me.

I'm a fucking superstar. I treat my own persona and image like a tangible malleable object.
I was recently asked why I live the way I do (halfway between reality and fantasy) and what do I even get out of it and the truth is it has free'd me. You do not need fucking money or papparazzi or a constant flow of attention to feel like youare someone. I lie every day and tell myself I'm a fucking superstar. I'm an artist. I'm brave. I can change the world. Profuse and consistantly I lie. Eventual the lie becomes true you start to belive it the world starts to believe it. It a projection of how you view yourself. You can be famous by just the simple choices you make. Art, vainity, and love has free'd me I hope I can inspire one person to liberate themselvs.

I believe that art, creation, and transformation are a very magical and spiritual processes. We receive divine visions, muses, and inspirations. They plant themselves deep within us. A seed of light. If you are magical you can reach deep inside your soul and bring the light to the external world. An artist can project the light outward.


I love to drink and play pool. Super easy going and laid back. I'm so open minded if I was anymore open minded my brain would fall out haha.

I'm a performance artist. My whole life is performance. It begins when I choose for it to exist at all times. I'm always living halfway between reality and fantasy.
I love art in general, mostly admiring it. I cant really create beautiful things but at best be beautiful things.

I love music I listening to music at least an hour a day.
I have a pop heart I really do.
I also have a metal head.

I love punk rockers, metal heads, rockabillies, guys with swag, i love all men. But i definitly need attitude and humour.

I consider myself to be christian but not a conventional one.
I love the bible! It's got alot of good things to know and learn. I don't really support everything in the bible obviously but I think God and christ alike don't really care about somethings that were written in the bible It was written by men inspired with the holy spirit a long time ago. Social times and cultures have changed since then.

I'm kinda crazy at times I'm always excentric, but I'm really honest. I love so fucking deeply sometimes it kills me. I'm SUPER sensitive. When I fall for someone I'm sort of like tunnel vission and all I can see is them. So if you like attention I'm the one for you.

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What I'm Looking For

sex or love or both
xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo


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