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Just an average girl that can take things slow???
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Sherwood Forest in Baton Rouge, La Louisiana United States
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I just want to find an average girl that likes to go hunting, fishing, scuba, and enjoys the outdoors... I'm the Supervisor of the EKG/Holter Department of one of biggest hospitals in Baton Rouge, La. I have 498 hours in Horticulture,a combination welder, and an A class pipe fitter as well...Been on cruises, skydiving, and like to live life on the edge...
Every relationship that I have been in has gone way too fast and it has hurt in the long run... Getting too close too fast causes a down slope eventually... I feel like I am too nice of a guy and it is a very big weakness that I have... I just want to meet someone and take it slow...
I'm lining up a few trades to be able to move wherever I want and never have trouble finding a job... I work around my hunting schedule... Very big into duck hunting... I am an A-class pipe fitter, combination welder, and about to start school to get my HVAC license to work on commercial AC units... Then, I am going back to Local 198 to get my plumbers license after taking a job as a plumbers helper for a year... I already have 5 years as pipe fitter in the fab shops and plants... Mainly work for Shaw,Turner, and Performance...
This girl that I am looking for has to like to hunt and fish... I have a duck lease in Cameron, La, family owned camp in Fourche, La, and a deer lease above Clinton, La almost to MS... :)

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What I'm Looking For

I never was much on dates... I guess things just always happened too fast... Like I said, I make conversation with anybody and everybody, easy going, and very laid back... But, don't get me wrong, I have quite a backbone... I will be the nicest guy you will meet until someone crosses that line... I used to do a lot of stupid immature stuff as a teenager as a follower and not a leader... I used to love to fist fight but will be the first one to help you up... I know I can handle myself and protect the ones that is with me... I will never start a fight but, I love to kick a bullies ass... LOL I used to be the guy that looked after the little guys in school...
One more thing I need to add... My family is everything to me... My parents have been married for over 25 years and my sister, brother, and myself have't even seen our parents argue (EVER)..


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