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Friends first, possibilities second.
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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Louisiana United States
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About Me

I am here to find someone I can say is good company and to enjoy it to the fullest. I'm a rather affectionate, Naive and submissive person by nature So My shyness is usually something that comes off strongly. I could be completely comfortable with you and not shut up.. it all depends. but I'm also fun... love children and can down more sugar then your kids O_O so if you have children that would be a plus in my book, but not required. (I just love them) Oh and if you have/love animals as well then that's another plus.

I am unique, I may be too shy at first or not know best how to describe/explain who or how I am as a person, but unlike those many others that tend to just say " I am good hearted. I'm one in a million, you'd be lucky and fully blessed to have me near" I actually AM that person and I seem to have no trouble proving it(It tends to show on it's own) I'm looking for the same.

Likes in a guy: Medium/Bigger/chubby guys,PIERCINGS and TATTOOS,Guys with BIG EARS. Real men that actually don't play games and know what they want or truly wish to figure it out.

Likes in general(a few): ice cream, SUSHI, Art (Any form), MUSIC( all types. Not so much new Rap or country, some older stuff is okay. Mainly Rock, Metal or reggae sounds), fishing, CHILDREN and ANIMALS, listening
giving advice, hearing the most unique and sometime indescribable words/noises ever spoken(typed whatever)
Loud music in cars, Sidewalk chalk, EMOTIONS(without them you are drones) some glitter?, shiny stuff, pocket watches, BOOKS, Stars and hearts, Blue purple and Teals, Strawberries, drinking, CHESS, Treasure you find on the ground that's only chocolate wrapped in gold.

Dislikes: Scrawny/twigs and Extremely built/steroid popping guys,Girls that aren't Naturally appealing and look orange or too chalky on the skin because of the fact that they cake their make up on so thick(seriously That's actually MORE unattractive then your natural skin), Girls that talk too loud just to get attention while everyone else has a normal speaking voice. Stop trying to get the entire world to look at you because you can't get the attention being real. (Fakeness and obnoxiousness are a major fail) People who see being nude when not making love(Not random sex) a good thing, people who argue rather then discuss over disagreements, people who have and bring their drama to others, Jealous females, guys that side with jealous females just because they're easy, people who would ever even think of hitting a child or an animal, cheaters, sluts, political debate involving myself, trucks that make me realize you are compensating for a small dick, guys that drive these trucks thinking they are the shit, When people fake cry and make up stories because they have nothing to honestly worry about(I've been through REAL shit. At the moment my sister might actually have ovarian cancer because they found a Cyst. SHUT THE FUCK up about daddy not buying you New clothes because you can't wear the same thing twice or Get over the bitch that didn't care about you because you're a sissy boy that cried over spilled milk.. Really, Grow up you emo bastards :D ), Treasure you find on the ground that's only chocolate wrapped in gold.

Want to know anything else? You'll have to ask. :3

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What I'm Looking For

The thing that drags me in above all else and is mandatory...
is personality. If you don't have one, kindly don't waste my time. (see above for hint)


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