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My motto: Live and Let Live
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Georgia United States
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About Me

I am a 23 year old grad student at UGA working on my MA in Political Science. Once finished, I intend to work for a few years and eventually go back to school to earn my PhD.

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing electric bass and the viola, outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking, going to museums, exploring new places, reading, just sitting and talking with people, watching tv and movies, and cooking, just to name a few things.

Music: I love all sorts of music, especially classical, jazz, and alternative rock; the only genre I really don't like is country.

Sense of Humor: I have a playful, somewhat quirky sense of humor; some of my favorite comedy shows are Seinfeld, the Office, and Arrested Development.

TV Shows: Some of my favorite tv shows are the three mentioned above, but I also like police shows like Blue Bloods and Law and Order.

Political Views: I am a libertarian. I believe that people ought to be able to live as they wish without interference from others, as long as they do not harm anyone else. I am very respectful of other people's views and I am able to carry out mature discussions with people I disagree with.

Favorite places: I love both the beach and the mountains, but if I had to choose, I'd choose the beach. My favorite city is Oxford, UK, but in the US, I love New Orleans and San Francisco.

I easy-going, yet driven: I know what my goals are and I work hard towards them, but I know enough to not take myself too seriously. The ability to laugh at yourself is a very important trait and helps keep us grounded. For the most part, I prefer quiet, low-key situations to loud, noisy, busy ones. If I am going to spend time with someone, I actually want to be able to get to know them. I am a very good listener, patient, and eager to help my friends. I am a very passionate person and I fully commit myself to my studies and my relationships with others.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a mature, kind girl with a big heart, a playful sense of humor, and a love for learning. I am very interested in politics, and it is important to me that I find someone who is at least willing to listen to me talk about it; the ability to be respectful to someone you disagree with is a must. Since I am equally comfortable staying in and watching movies and going out at night, I'm hoping to find someone who is the same way. Finally, I am also looking for someone who loves the outdoors. I need someone who knows what they want to do with their life and is currently working towards that goal (no slackers!).

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