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I want to feel "butterflies" LOL
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  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: African   Location: Georgia United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I'll just keep it simple and I guess describe myself and what qualities I seek. I'm 25, a mother of two who have an active father in their lives, so I am not seeking a replacement daddy for them, I have a very good career as well as in the process of obtaining my Masters degree in Mass Comm and Journalism. I hope to launch my blog and start my online radio-show within the next year. I am highly ambitious and optimistic about almost everything that comes my way. I enjoy anything where I can take full advantage of my creative side such as interior design, sewing, sketching and things of that nature. My all time favorite movie is Love Jones, like I can watch it everyday and wouldn't get tired of seeing it. I enjoy jet-skiing, spoken word, live music, traveling ( I really hope to visit Spain next Fall ) going back up north and spending time with my family and friends, baking, trying new recipes, Seafood, and a variety of other things.
What I'm Looking For

In all honestly I am looking for a MAN. Everyone has their own definition of that is but in my eyes a Man is God-Fearing, hard working, can openly admit his mistakes, will love me at my best and 10x as hard at my worst, someone who doesn't abuse his authority, compassionate, romantic, good with his hand ;-), can respect the word "No", communicate his feelings, someone who can take direction, can provide for his family, giving to those less fortunate then him, someone who can listen to his woman and take into consideration her opinions as he knows she would never tell him something that wouldn't benefit the both of them and their family.
Yes I can provide for myself and I can support the family that I have made, yet I am not a woman that is so set in her ways that I cannot let a Man be a Man.
I am seeking someone who is heterosexual, and hasn't been engaged in any relationships, or sexual encounters with the same sex, honest, is not on someone's registered sex offenders list ( no, seriously ), seeking something long term, who doesn't need his manhood validated by being with countless women, attractive, respectful, Drug ( yes, weed is a drug ) and disease free.


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