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Florida person looking for friends (and more!)
Online: 3626 days ago   Updated: 3626 days ago   Joined: 3626 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Tampa Florida United States
The Details
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I have been living here in Tampa for roughly 2-3 years and while the weather is nice, it gets boring after awhile but at least it beats the cold winter weather of IL. >.>...Yea.

I'm a fan of anime, power metal, Final Fantasy XI World of Warcraft, books, and the Transformers among other misc., things.

Unlike most people I am not exactly open around new people, I'm very introverted and reserved. I will open up once I get to know you. Because of this I come off as either reserve, a jerk, or possibly insensitive. But once you get to know me and I feel comfortable around you, I'm actually a pretty decent guy, despite being a bit cynical. But I'm well liked once you get to know me.

I am (my own version) of Druidic, I believe in the Gaia theory that our world is a living sentient being and that ALL creatures (including humans) are her children. Unlike 'other' religions where it involves worshiping a nameless, origin-less god, mine is more spiritual. After all, why would I want to worship my own mother?

Also adding my personal beliefs; I believe that since humans are part of the natural world order, they have an affinity to one of the four elements of life: earth, water, wind, and water. However it's not uncommon to have someone being dual-aligned with two elements. I currently theorize that your Zodiac sign has influence over your elemental affinity.

What I'm Looking For

I'm interested in someone who has similar interests,( even though that's not saying much since everyone likes to watch movies and read books.) she has to at least be conscious of her health and well being. So I will not date someone who smokes, or do drugs. Drinking is okay as long as it's not an addiction.

I do not care what your ethnicity is but religion wise I"m finicky on that. I prefer someone with a pagan religion (preferably wiccan due to my views that are similar),but I request that if you have a religion I disagree with, please keep it to yourself and don't try to convert me to your beliefs.

Distance wise, someplace close to my location. I haven't traveled around florida much and I have a horrible sense of direction.


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