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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Grandview Missouri United States
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::::WARNING:::: You may fall in love!!!

A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How To Answer!

(How long can you hold on to nothing?? Rotting inside and out.. Follow me on this road to nowhere, as i dig my grave!!)

I Simply just LOVE acting stupid with close friends. I Like To Smoke and Drink, I Love Music, Like To Make Music. LOVE living the Rockstar life!! I Have Played in Bands Since I Was 16, And Iv Been Playing Guitar And Bass Since I was 10. I LOVE an unhealthy amount of love for everything bad: sex, drugs, rock music, decadent food, and everything my mother warned me about. I love movies with a twist at the end, bad horror movies, kinky sex and pretty people. I don't like drama, line dancing, authority figures or rice pudding, I am a bit of a smart ass, I hate being serious but that doesn’t stop me from taking things seriously when i have/need to be. i use a lot of sarcasm id rather joke around then get into a argument. ... I am honest I don't care if u judge me i am loyal to my family and friends i like to have fun i stay up late and wake up early I respect everyone, i will only hang out with people if they have dreams and they work hard at their dreams every day!! I love my family and friends so much!! I live for today I have no stress no debt and the best friends in the world!!! Sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right but i think about it and take a step back i remember how amazing life truly is and maybe, just maybe. I like being UNPERFECT.... I don't care if the world or anyone in it tries to drag me down... Because I know that in the end, THEY will be the ones left tired from the struggle to hold me back...!!! If You Want To Know Anything Else, Just Ask.....

Attracting hoes doesn't mean you got game... It just means your own kind recognizes you!! Dont Argue Just Accept It!! Just sayin'!!

When we think of ourselves as human, we limit the way we express ourselves. But if we call ourselves artists, what limitations do we have??

I don't give up on people I care about.... If I'm in your life it's because I want to see you thrive & fly!

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just looking, seeing whats out there!


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