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Here is a little sunshine right from the cape...
Online: 2569 days ago   Updated: 2569 days ago   Joined: 2569 days ago
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  Age: 42   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Parow Western Cape South Africa
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About Me

Whaaooo, it is a bit awkward to have to introduce myself. I mean on a dating site. It sounds like an advert where you have to say the nicest things about yourself. The real issue is to know when to say only the true and straight forward things. I will not try to impress myself or anyone here. I think I have to be just me; humble, practical, understanding and deeply intuitive. I do enjoy the simple things in life, like a good laughter, a Cherie hello; a concerned how was your day today? I am happy for who I am, no regrets of anything in the past. I always know and believe that life is not a destination but a journey. It does not matter what our circumstances are in life but how we fare in the circumstance and what we chose to turn out to be. I prefer to have few close friends and associates than a whole bunch of so called friends who are nosy, and would not keep a simple confidence. Trust and mutual respect comes natural for me. A smile on your face keeps the frowns away. Most times I get bored with so many stories from girls who worry about outward beauty and never bother to stop and think about the inward beauty. I mean all the good character and quality traits that make you human and sweet. Are you dependable? Do you work hard for an honest living? How much can you sacrifice your comforts to see your partner be where he wants to be in life? Is success in life all about money and material affluence? I have lived long enough to distinguish between pleasure, happiness and joy. They may look like the same but truth is they connote three different things. I would rather have joy than happiness let alone pleasure. Fortunately in joy you find both pleasure and happiness and never the other way round. Think about that.
What I'm Looking For

A strong Character in a man is the most attractive of them all. He allows a measure of vulnerability that still makes you know he is human. He is kind and intelligent but still claims there are things you know that he doesn’t know and would very much like to learn them from you! He does not argue but reasons through things and situations with you. He is always eager to know your opinion before he decides. A man who is experienced enough, to have learned that life is full of ups and down. He behaves himself in private and in public. He is your true friend. Even when you want his attention as you say little gossips of how your day was at work, he calmly smiles and compliments here and there but firmly and nicely makes you see how best you would have acted in such a scenario. He never gives up in life. Does not aspire to compete with the richest man on earth if there is really any such man; but sure does have a decent taste and standard about life’s comforts and how to get there. Where is the man who knows the difference in women about, a whore, a wife and a mistress? He not only treats you like his love, to him you are a dearest sister, lover, mother, wife, partner, and companion and in fact every good thing a woman can become.

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