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Gettin' On Down The Road...
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  Age: 57   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tucson Arizona United States
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Too many really long words or empty spaces? Okee dokee, then. Let's try and just leave it at this. Just wondering what kind of site this is if it's saying that words I use are too long.
What I'm Looking For

Stepping off of the "battlefield of love" (Pat Benatar), no longer young. Armor is not what it once was. Plates are missing, dented in other areas, dinged and dirty. The heart that beats below it is infinitely wiser, though.

Lady Guinevere belongs to someone else. I do not seek her.

With time, the armor can be repaired. Parts replaced. Everything cleaned and put back into pristine condition. But, in the meantime, looking to find someone who is not scared to get dirty in helping to repair that armor. No need to be a lady of high standing. She lives in another world. When the armor comes off, you'll see scars. This will call for a woman who is a bit more courageous than your average soul. The one who will be sitting before you will have eyes of blue and can see many things. He is weary, seeing the end coming. He simply wants to sit by the fire and mend; armor, body and soul.

He wants to enter the fight one last time.

He wants to look across that fire and see a pair of eyes that know the world as it really is, and not wanting to live in some storybook fairytale. She is the kind who doesn't stand for foolishness (of the bad sort), in herself or others. She's smart, but not too smart for her own good, the same as I am. In essence, her wisdom drives her intelligence. She can have a settled life or a life that is in chaos, but she still has a handle on it.

Her long hair shows the character of what I seek. If she has taken care of herself, then her build will not be a problem. She must be comfortable with herself and not worried about making an impression. The reason is, is that I am simply looking to sit and talk.

The sun is setting over the battlefield; night is coming and it is not good to be out alone. Not looking for a deep romantic committment, but a friendship that can be committed just as deeply.

Perhaps, after the armor is repaired and I am ready to go back out that one last time, she will be strong enough to simply take my hand, pull me aside and have me take it all off and tell me that there is no need to go away again, for I would be home.


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