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Hey Im Tiarra, you should get to know me!(:
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Oregon United States
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  Casual, Average
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  Yes - living with me
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  Short, Shoulder Length
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About Me

well.. i really didn't want to do this part but i might as well!(:

Hi! I'm Tiarra and I really cant believe I'm doing this.
I'm 20 years old and have 17 month (a year and 5 months) baby boy. I currently go to school at PCC to be a child psychologist. between school and raising a toddler my life can be quite a handful.. but i wouldn't have it any other way.
uuum... I'm naturally a quiet person from the beginning (depending who you are)but i loosen up after a few laughs.
okay so..i have to be honest.. i don't like men who were already in middle school when i was born... 26 is my limit so please.. just don't waste your time.. you wont like the results. :/
anyways... um... if you decide "hey! i want to know about this chick" then feel free to hit me up! ill be more then happy to get back to you(:

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What I'm Looking For

in guys.. im not TOO picky,
i honestly do not like ugly( i know, shallow much! but its true :/), fat (and i mean like sloppy, i dont care how i like type of fat), old (20-26 is my limit.. it just creeps me out :/), naked-bald head (i dont know.. i just dont find it attractive on everyone!), very nappy dreads (it bugs me.. again i dont know why lol) scrawny (if in twice your size... id feel insecure :/), short ( i know again i seem really shallow :/) wanna be gangster (ugh!), thugs (im no where near a thugish type of girl, so why would i have a thug as a man? plus thats not what i want around my son!), too nerdy(if yourconstantly correcting me... i will stop talking to you.), grimy looking/warn out (to me, its important you take care of yourself. i dont like lazy men) , assholes (enough said!), sissies (be a man!),pothead (nothing against yall just theres more to life than smoking weed... and saling it).. okay maybe im a bit picky lol i do give everyone a try.. i just know the ones that dont get that far :/
i do really want an honest, hard working, good role model type of guy and it would be awsome if he was christian (doesnt have to be perfect at all, im not). working and or in school is a must.. i cant be the only one making something of my life (:


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