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  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Gardner Massachusetts United States
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About Me

Kiss you every day!!!

I've learned not to take my relationships for granted. Every day is a gift because I've had so many hundreds alone. I just need to find that girl who will cherish her days with me equally, and not run off when things get tough.

Are you that kind of girl? Hey, I'm Tom. I'm soooooo sick of these dating sites coming up empty. I'm starting to want to meet girls in real life but I don't know how to meet girls other than online or in church. I live next to a state park with a pond, path, dock, beach, and playground, and I go there a lot but never meet anybody reallly.

*Newly single

Nobody should be alone on a Friday or Saturday night!!!

Looking to meet a cute smart edgy girl.


A little about me. I was a college age DJ at Liberty University, the worlds largest christian school, but now I'm graduated and in the real world. I'm an outgoing, funny, passionate, and spiritual kind of guy. I love to dance! I'm into Techno music as well as Celtic and New Age. I went to a conservative college. For a while I had my own specialty Techno radio show! I most recently worked at Bose but have since hit hard times.

I'm looking for a close friend with a LOT in common with me, someone to love who will encourage me and help me in life with her along side. Most importantly someone I can love.

Sometimes I like to sit at home watching TV marathons for days. Other times I go to clubs, I get involved with activist movements, church events, volunteer, or I join a band! I enjoy eccentric people. Most people get along with me VERY well, even ones I don't find have a lot in common with me.

I'm a bit of a nerd! I've got a poster of Middle Earth (Fantasy), A Harry Potter clan crest (its my sisters), a world at night poster (science geek), several animals from National Geographic (Nature Geek), Three Star wars Posters (stormtrooper 4 life), Autographed posters of Newsboys and Jard of Clay (Church Geek), and my favorite, an Avatar Poster (Lover of beauty, art) and a Marvel poster (comic geek).

I like intellectual conversation. I've studied world religions and Christian history deeply. I also enjoy the great American sport of "politics".

I love cats and fish but I have a Phobia of dogs. (was a paperboy for 10 years and got mauled on the 10th year!!!) So please, unless you're willing to put me before your dog, (Yes i have been treated worse than a girls dog before) ie. send him out of the room, or discipline him when he steals my food, or unless your dog is VERY well behaved and you don't expect me to sleep with it, or kiss it, NO DOGS. (I've been rejected several times because of my phobia :(. Really girls?) This is terrible! Don't give up a chance with a great, loving, intelligent, funny, and intensely loyal man because you aren't willing to put your misbehaving, barking, or jumping dog out of the room. This makes me really sad. If you can deal with that it's a huge bonus.

PS. I was just reading someones profile and I realized I never mentioned my love for the music and singing. I sang in a Madrigal (a Capella) group in Highschool, played the Trumpet, and am now trying to learn the Guitar.

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What I'm Looking For

She is cute, spiritual, and smart, a good vocabulary is sexy, maybe a little edgy! She can listen, and care about other people besides herself. She knows who she is and understands herself at least on some level and doesn't think too much or too little of herself. Hot is Hot. But, when Libido has faded, and man is satisfied, the only thing that matters is personality. Low Maintenance, Good Listening in action, Sweetness, Easygoing, Fun, is all that matters. Beauty is skin deep. But love attraction IS important. Can she excite me easily? Is she satisfied easily,? Are you a good kisser? Are you giving? When it comes to physical attraction those are the things that matter.

She is looking for the quality of a mans heart not the accomplishments under his belt. (I don't like being asked about my job and money.) She is spiritual and loves to help and encourage my dreams and convictions. If this is you would you please contact me? I've been waiting for you!

My favorite thing to do on this site is find good people to talk to and share with. I would love it to be you!

Super Bonuses If: You are shapely, petite, short, have blond, light brown, curly (any color), or reddish hair, have Irish features, freckles (I WILL ADORE YOU), and can reel me in with your eye contact. Sing to me, (I'll fall in love with you) ;^)

***I will ask you two questions right off the bat. How do you treat your X's, and how did you treat them in the end. (I wanna know how you'll treat ME when you are mad). And what is your definition of Love. (I'll give away the correct answer even, aren't I just so nice for giving you the cheat sheet?) If you answer anything like "its' a feeling, or passion, or the need to be with somebody" And you don't mention anything deeper as well, like its a choice, commitment, cherishing memory, sacrifice, etc. You'll get the question wrong. it's a two question test so 1 out of 2 is still a failing grade.


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