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Are you an intellectual outdoorsman????
Online: 2523 days ago   Updated: 2523 days ago   Joined: 2523 days ago
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  Age: 64   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Alabama United States
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About Me

Life looks great to me now and always, even with normal ups and downs. Generally I'm upbeat, optimistic ,content with my life. Any difficulties are just problems to be solved. I don't get depressed over problems, I focus on them to consider all possible solutions, sort of like solving a puzzle. Puzzles like xzaybxc on plenty of fish. I'm stable, sensible, sane, yet romantic, affectionate, adventurous. My career is challenging and interesting, but flexible so that I am able to work plenty of fun into my life, often on short notice. Friends and family are very important to me, and I'm frequently in touch with them.

My interests cover a wide spectrum, and I'm comfortable in most situations. Anything outdoors is enjoyable, walking, camping, enjoying good conversation on the deck, equestrian events, concerts, fairs, festivals, picnics, tailgating, cookouts, boating, and more. If the clouds or the stars are above, it's probably fun! Musical events are interesting, listening or dancing, almost any style. Also appealing are arts events, exhibits, plays, movies, learning experiences. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, small groups or large ones. I've worked hard to stay healthy and fit, and hope to stay as active as possible as long as possible.

What I'm Looking For

My ideal partner will be confident in himself, but have softness and kindness along with the confidence. He will be on good terms with his family, and be financially responsible. He will be affectionate, intelligent, honest, ethical, and monogamous, as well as inquisitive, curious, and intelligent. While dating and making friends along the way is fun, I hope to be fortunate enough to find someone compatible who wants to enjoy the next half of life with me and to stay as active as possible as we grow old together.
Photos only, please! We're all curious about physical appearance aren't we? Plenty of photos, your smiling face, full length shots as well as closeups, help us ladies become interested in you. I'm not looking for a man who is classically handsome, just well-groomed, with pride in himself and his own identity. It's what's inside that counts the most, but chemistry and physical attraction are still very important to me. I’m looking for the combination of physical and intellectual attraction. Without both, it’s difficult to move beyond friendship


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