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Looking for something real
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Illinois United States
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About Me

hey well i never know what to put in these things haha, i like to wakeboard, wakesurf, i've been playing the guitar for the past 8yrs, i love photography , I also love the outdoors, i love sitting around a bonfire, camping, fishing, and just relaxing with friends, I'm the type of guy who likes to go out every once and awhile, I mean i don't like sitting at home doing nothing lol, but I also love sitting at home with somebody, cuddling, and watching a movie, and if you really care about that person, it really doesn't matter what the movie is, its just about the cuddling itself, and I love that feeling of holding somebody in my arms, to me, its one of the greatest feelings in the world. I have one tattoo on my back and want to get another one, the tattoo on my back, I got it to show how strong I am, it took me over a year to decide what I wanted and I designed the whole thing, its a cross with wings, and over the cross it says "alis grave nil" which means "nothing is heavy to those who have wings"an and I currently just got accepted to the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, i'm going to be majoring in Music Production and Business, I want to work in a studio producing music for a variety of artists, and maybe even producing some music of my own, anything else you wanna know about me just ask, i'm a very open person. I also hate people telling me I can't do something, I was born with a disorder called Spina-Bifida, and when I was born, my doctor just flat out told my mom I would never walk, but she didn't want me to live my life in a wheel chair and after a period of physical therapy and her helping me work out, i slowly began to walk, so when people tell me I can't do something, i just laugh at them, because they have no idea how much I have been through in my life, also when I was learning to wakeboard, and surf, I couldn't seem to get up on the board, and my own dad told me "maybe you just can't", but I hate the word "can't" and I kept trying and trying, and I can honestly say i'm not a bad wakeboarder or surfer, i'm no pro lol, but i'm not bad. I love to prove people wrong when it comes to certain things in my life, the way i look at it is, just because i have a physical disability, it doesn't make me any different from anybody else and as long as you put your mind to it, you can do anything you want, as long as you have the heart to, I mean it might take me a little longer than it would somebody else, but it doesn't mean I won't ever learn how to do it, I'll just find my own way of doing the same thing. My Ideal person, would be somebody who treats me, how i treat them, and somebody who looks at me for who i am on the inside, I'm just tired of being judged, and i'm tired of being hurt so much in relationships, because i've been hurt in almost every single relationship i've ever been in, and i'm just sick of being hurt, i wanna find somebody who looks at me with that same "Look" that I give them, I wanna find somebody that cares about me the way I care about them, I'm sick of all the fake people who just tell you something to get you to shut up, or tell you one thing, but do something completely different, and i'm tired of people lying, if you have to lie to get somebody to like you, than you don't need to be with that person in the first place, the reason why I am on one of these sites is because i'm tired of the people just looking at me from the outside and wanting to be in a relationship or rejecting me, before they even know me as a person, and at least using one of these dating sites, you are attracted by appearance, but you learn a lot more about the person and judge them by personality a lot more than you would in person, i'm tired of all the shallow people i've met, I mean I understand if people are picky and have standards, but there is a difference from having standards and being really shallow and i'm tired of ending up with the girls that seem like they are sane in the beginning of the relationship, but end up being real crazy ****es, that apparently love to start fights at random times and get pissed off over the dumbest stuff, and when I say dumb, I mean something so retarded, its not even worth mentioning and I honestly just want to find somebody that is truely going to make me happy, a girl that makes me not even want to look at a girl, and if I do look, I think to myself, "she's cute, I have something a hell of a lot better than her..", and I just haven't had that in life yet, and I know i'm still young, but I would love to find that person that absolutely knocks me off my feet, a girl that, when i'm around her, i can't stop smiling, one that always has me in a good mood, and I mean i know relationships aren't always happy, but I'm just tired of the constant fighting and I just want to be 100% happy with the person i'm dating for once in my life.
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What I'm Looking For

I think I pretty much explained all of this in my About me. I just want somebody that when I look at them, I know that I'm the only thing on their mind, and if I notice another girl I think to myself "She's cute, but I have better"

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