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Good guys can be hot and do exist!
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The Basics
  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Iowa United States
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About Me

I'm an intellectual type, I'm a thinker and very smart. Director personality type. I am very driven, when I want something I always find a way to accomplish it. I like to live a pretty relaxed life, with the flexibility to have fun out on my boat and bike and travel. I am pretty honest and straight forward with a sarcastic sense of humor. I am a very successful person in the fitness industry and working my way up the ladder into functional medicine. So career wise things are looking pretty good and I'm happy with where I'm going and I'm very passionate about health so it suites me well. I would like to hit it very big in the next couple years, just missed a job with the Atlanta Falcons 2 years ago, and I'm going to try and see whats out there again after a little more education. I'm a die hard patriots fan.

I spend most of my time working out, riding my bike, boating, going to movies, traveling or just hanging out with friends. Overall I just like to have fun, and keep things exciting. You only live once!

Anything else you want to know, just email me ;)

Cut and pasted from some other stuff:

From Chemistry.com if your interested in those sorts of things
About your personality

"You are an analytical, focused and independent thinker with a deep interest in how the world works. You quickly grasp patterns and relationships and see the many sides of any complex issue. And when you focus on a particular business, social, personal or intellectual problem, you often come up with a novel solution. You are tough minded, skeptical and imaginative.

You want to make an impact on the world. And with your aptitude for theoretical thinking, your investigative rigor, your logic and your determination, you are likely to win the honors your hard work deserves.

Despite your need for independence and your resistance to any regulations or codes of conduct you find controlling, you make close friends. You like being with friends who provide stimulating conversation, as well as express their emotions and inner feelings. And you work to maintain these authentic connections.

You are a complex person, outwardly assertive, logical, skeptical and focused, yet you can feel and express genuine sympathy for others."

What I'm Looking For

Well it starts with that initial attraction. I like someone who takes care of themselves, so they are in good shape, and energetic. I may be 27 but I stopped aging at 22 I think, so I want someone young at heart.

I am very open to peoples personalities as long as they have character. I want someone I can respect and trust.

Adventurous and outgoing, not afraid to get there hands dirty, but I do like a girly girl as well.


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