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Hey! Let's see what this is all about.
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Warren Michigan United States
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About Me

I am me. Unique, quirky, out-of-the-ordinary. I don't date much so I don't really know what you might want to know here so feel free to ask any questions you might feel necessary.
What I'm Looking For

I want someone that wants to talk to me, to listen to me, to actually be excited to hear what I have to say and that I am excited to do all those same things for.

I want someone that I feel like I've known forever. If I can feel that way I will inevitably find this person infinitely more attractive because of it. I would most likely have similar goals and would most likely do anything for this person. I want someone that feels the same way about this subject too. I want them to understand that bond that can reach across time and space and truly connect two souls.

I want someone to help me through the bad times, someone to comfort me when I am down, someone that will be there for me when I need them. I want to be able to be this person. I want to be able to help them, I want to comfort them, and share their hard times.

I want a true friend. I have not had a real friend in so long that it actually saddens me to think about this subject. I want someone that I can just sit around and talk with, play stupid games with, go places for no apparent reason other than to be silly or amuse ourselves. I want someone that actually wants to spend time with me because I want to spend time with you. Even if I have a hard time saying it, I really do want to spend time with you. I want someone to go out with or stay in with. I just need company.

I want someone that understands that I can be shy. I want someone that can help me become a better person and can bring out my potential. I want to help them become a better person too. I want us to realize what truly matters in life.

I want someone that can see the whole argument. I want someone that can see things from my point of view and I theirs.

I want someone that can understand how I lived my life up to this point. I have missed out on certain things because I didn't have many friends, I didn't have those experiences that many of you have had, I haven't done a lot of those exciting activities that most of you have. I want someone that is ok with that. I want someone that will help me get over my view of how my past was. That the only thing that really matters is happening right now! Live in the moment. I want you to help me be in the here and now to force me to see what is right in front of my face.

Prove that I am not a robot. That I matter. That can see I have a heart and will treat you with respect and dignity that you deserve as long as I am treated the same way. Someone that can see past the cold, calculating exterior and find the fun-loving, thoughtful, and caring individual inside. Someone that treats my feelings like they would their own. Someone that won't ignore me when times get tough. Someone that celebrates our eccentricities. Someone that loves live and wants to share that love.

"The other half of this golden amulet." I'm kidding, but I feel that used as a metaphor that the other half of that golden amulet might be easier to find. I want you to understand my perfectionist tendencies and be ok with that, but also be able to tell me when I might need to take a step back and be realistic. I need to be called on what I do and say sometimes because I can be brutally honest at times especially if I feel strongly about something. I never mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but that honesty can hurt if I let it out. I want someone that understands that. That I speak the truth and have no intention of hurting anyone; that I only say these things to make us all better people.

I want someone that can understand that I think in a very strange way sometimes. That anything I have ever heard, read, seen can come up at a later date as part of a conversation or topic of discussion. That I can insert very obscure references from things into my thought process and might expect you to understand it; I usually don't expect anyone to understand every one of them, but when you do - I will most likely remember it forever. That I can connect ideas from very differing areas to make arguments about things that most people would never care about.

Someone that realizes that even after all I've said here, all I've described, all I've tried to explain that I have yet to actually completey define what I truly want. Someone that realizes that by completely defining my desires would be pointless because we are always evolving. That is why knowing one's self is such a daunting task; a bit of Heisenburg's uncertainty principle at work here, in a loose way. You can never know everything there is to know about something. That is the mystery...

Someone that wants to travel that road of life with me and search for the answer to that mystery because after all, it's not the destination that matters - it's the journey.


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