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What do I say ? -- Hi I guess.. Geezzzeee !
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  Age: 65   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Belmont California United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
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About Me

My story is this - I don't have a story exactly. I live my life as it is handed to me. I seek to be happy in this world.

You only have this one life so make it count is my credo. I am a positive person. It takes too much energy to be negative..

You do not have to belong to any religion just as long as you are a good person - that, matters to me.

I am basically a shy person who, over time and with the right person feels more at ease and the shyness is quickly overcome. I consider myself a good hearted person and one that would be there when life gets rough. Belive it - not just saying that either.

I can supprise you when you least expect it, and either make you laugh or feel warm. Too much sadness going around these days to make another feel otherwise.

I am not rich but I am not poor either - I am humble and know what I have and know what I want. And believe me I do not want to much.

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What I'm Looking For

A woman who appreciates a gentleman, like having the door opened for her. I am looking for someone who is not into material goods as a foundation of her being.
If you like to buy things that's OK - and you should, just don't use that as your only outlet.
Someone who has a sense of humor - you don't have to be "on" all of the time - but someone that has the ability to laugh and joke around.

She should care about people and be compassionate -

Often I see people care more for animals than a homless person. -

Just be a pleasent person and don't "read" into things -lets have a nice meeting at see what happens.


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