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Looking for my true girl, the girl looking for me!
Online: 2302 days ago   Updated: 2303 days ago   Joined: 2303 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Washington United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds, Stocky
  Smokes only when drinking
Eye Colour:
  Blue, Green
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Sexual Orientation:
About Me

Hey, my names TJ, all my friends and family also call me Thomas, Tommy, JT, Toby, or Toblerone. I have brown hair and blue eyes, I am not the skinniest guy on the planet but most people also tell me I am not fat but you decide! I work full time at the Olive Garden, its not the best job but there not only have I learned what hard work really is but I have also met some of the coolest people I now call friends! Ashley, Teresa, Randy, Jolene, Brandon, Steven, Eric, Tina, Rachel, Milo, Virginia, There are a few other people as well. In the world the things that matter the most to me are as follows, My family: My dad Thomas who all through life was the main person who took care of me punished me when needed and taught me to be strong in times of good and bad hard and easy! My mom Jennifer who taught me to be more loving and to be myself! My siblings: Cody who made my life crazy when we were kids but has grown up to be one person who I know will always be there for me no matter what, who I can be friends with and not have to impress. Cady: My sister who is like me the most, kind of the black sheep of the family different from everyone else really rebellious but always loving! Jocelyn: the sister everyone use to think was my daughter cause we look so alike, a bond only certain people can have I will always have your back as I know you will always have mine, I love you little sister and know I will never let anyone ever hurt you including little boyfriends that try to take advantage that goes for you to Cady! Ashley: We also have that certain bond, even though we lost contact and certain things have happened recently I will always love you! Tony and Vinnie, I was there when we all were growing up for awhile I love you both so much and hope that someday we can all get together and get to have the relationship we never got to have because of the distance! Michael: My older brother who I never got to meet, I am sure you would have made the biggest impact on my life if you were here and only hope that when I die god allows us to talk in heaven about how life could have been or just talk and meet! Susie, Robbie, Dennis my siblings who I have never met but hopefully one day will, although the only thing we share is an incompetent biological mother (Michelle) I hope to have a relationship with you all because we all have been through some hard times and just know I love you all too! Grandma Fern: I relate to you so much which is why we have the best relationship ever and the main person in the world who has excepted me for who I really am, I love you a lot (The Wind Beneath My Wings) Just know you are my inspiration and Hero! Grandpa Norm: The smartest guy in the world you are the best I love you so much! All my other family members, Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Fred, Aunt Sheri, Uncle John, Uncle Tracy, Uncle Hans, Aunt Chris. My cousins Anthony, Sarah, Matt, Nick, Brady, Chloe, I love you all! The other things that matter in my life are God! Thank you God for giving your only son for me! A few things I totally love in my life are Sushi and Chinese food, My Sprint HTC Evo 4G cell phone that can practically do anything, Raves and techno which both are big parts of my life I love raves! : at raves people are more real then out side a rave ya sure majority of the people at raves are high on ecstasy but there everyone cares and loves each other there are no fights or violence at raves its all about P.L.U.R: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect the main thing the whole world needs for world peace! Music in general is something I love (All music has its cool no Genre is left out!) There are songs in every Genre that you will like and there will be ones that you dislike no matter what I guarantee it! I am in love with Seattle its the best city ever specially the night life your always finding things to do in the Seattle night. The bright city lights are amazing too, I hope to find my self living there someday. I am into my Astrology sign completely, Being an Aquarius I am a peace maker, I must not take sides unless it is the right side. But my characteristics which I really am are Playful, Friendly, Open minded, CARING, Devoted, Liberal, Understanding, Tolerant and Benevolent. Hey this is some stuff about me for you to know if you like what you’ve read you should become my friend and get to know me personally!
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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone who i havent found yet hoping your on here!!! If ypou are i want to let you know ive been looking for you!

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