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Women are meant to be loved...
Online: 2549 days ago   Updated: 2549 days ago   Joined: 2549 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Mauritius
The Details
Body Type:
  Non-smoker, Occaisional smoker
  Casual, Average, Trendy
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Sexual Orientation:
  Bi-Curious, Straight
About Me

I'm the girl who changes every two seconds, can't make up her mind on what she wants, has no idea where she'll stand tomorrow, but never forgets about where she stood yesterday.

I overanalyze, always prepare for the worst, write novels in my head, but then forget how to talk. I look at things too closely, and give the best advice which I can somehow never seem to follow.

I'm always expected to have the answers, always expected to get it right. I'm never expected to mess up.

But guess what?

I do.

I fall on my face over and over again. You think after a while I would figure things out.

But some things you never learn.

What I'm Looking For

A guy out there was meant to be the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate, the one I can tell my dreams to. He'll smile at me, but he'll never laugh at my heart. He'll brush the hair out of my eyes. Send me flowers when I least expect it. He'll stare at me during the movies, even though he paid $8 to see it. He'll call to say goodnight or just cause he is thinking of me. He'll look in my eyes and tell me, I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, and for the first time in my life, I'll believe it.

I'm looking for that guy!


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