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God Has Someone For Me
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The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: East Snatch Washington United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

My name is Taya. I live in East Wenatchee with my adoptive parents. I was born in Seattle 16 years ago. I know what you're thinking, "Holy sh*t this chick's young!" but I'm very mature for my age. I have my GED and I'm a full time student at Wenatchee Valley College. I major in Early Childhood Education and hope to become a preschool teacher once I obtain my CDA. I have a pitbull mix puppy named Rebel who has saved my life more than once. She's my best friend and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I've been through a lot more than a young lady should have to. A few months ago I was engaged to a 22 year old man for about a year. He cheated on me several times and lied to me after my family and I took him in during his time of need and helped him out in all ways possible. I can't afford to be hurt like that again. I understand that people make mistakes, we're only human. However I would expect a man of his age to understand the difference between right and wrong.

I'm looking for a friend at first. Someone to laugh with who will enjoy my company. Someone 18-20 preferably.

I like all types of music. I'm a country girl at heart but I'm very fond of rock! I have 6 piercings. 5 on my ears and a stud on the right side of my nose. I plan on getting a memorial tattoo for my uncle the day I turn 18 on the back of my left shoulder.

I don't like to keep my man on a leash. I shouldn't have to. I need someone I can completely trust, no questions asked. How can you ever really love someone if you don't trust them %100? A significant other is a support system. You be there for me, I'll be there for you. Everyone makes mistakes. I've made many, and there are many more to come. Accept me for the mistakes I make and the decisions I stand behind. We are important. Show it.

Hope to hear from ya!

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What I'm Looking For

Someone who isn't afraid to say that they love me for who I am. Someone that accepts me for my flaws. Someone that won't hurt me. I need someone who will stand behind me. Someone who I can stand behind. The world is a frightening place, we all need someone to be there for us.

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