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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Arizona United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
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About Me

Well for anyone reading this I am Jerry, its nice to meet you.

About me... Well for starters yes I do have a car thats in working condition, I do have a full time job as a manager at taco bell, yes it is fast food but it does pay the bills and trust me I am looking for another job because its not what i call a "dream career" ya know? LOL. anyways I do live with my parents right now, was living on my own for 3 years got laid off so I see this as an opportunity to brush of my shoulders off and try again but do better than I did before.

I am not your average black individual, I'm what my friends kinda consider a white guy trapped in a black guys body LOL, in other words I speak proper grammer (no slang words, or cussing every other word) I prefer more genres of music other than just hip-hop (I like pretty much everything, classical jazz, rock, metal, orchestra, but I CAN NOT do country... wont do it), oh and I dont wear pants that fall to my knees or shirts that look like a dress, no I prefer the jeans that are a little baggy but fit, a shirt that fits my body correctly and chucks or vans...

As you can tell by my name title I do have tattoos, yes addicted to them and a huge fan.

other than that I like to draw, going to school for graphic design, I like that out doors, watching movies, hanging out with friends, reading, I'm down to play lacrosse at all times, listen to music, go for walks... I think that about sums it up.

So if I havent bored you with this long speech and you like what you read hit me up would love to chat with ya.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who's attention span is longer than a month, I cant stand when you start liking someone and then they pull that last minute "well your a really nice guy, but I'm just not that into you... we can still be friends" honestly I have enough friends and if there is no potenital for something to happen and thats all its gonna lead to best not contact me cuz im tired of games. I want someone who feels like I am worth there time, who wants to get to know me for me no matter my tattoos or the color of my skin. I wanna be able to meet someone who will text me first for a change just to know how I am doing, I wanna feel like I'm someones best friend and that if I'm having a bad day I could talk to them and they would listen and vice versa. I want someone who is loyal, honest, open, caring, willing to do everything to work things out regardless good or bad... thats my ideal match, you up for it?

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