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You looked far enough do u want to look further?
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  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic   Location: New York United States
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About Me

Whats beneath the surface, what makes us live on, what make us tremble when we are scared is who am i. The inexpicable illusion of the afterlife the unknown what keepus going? A thought that rises above the surface before in converts into a ball of questions is a major factor in my life. To describe myself in a words,in sentences, even in paragraphs is not enough to fully define what makes me, because i believe that everyone is a different world,where if people are interested to get know, it takes years to uncover. I'm libidinous, thoughful, caring, loving, person. I like to be aware of my surroundings. I dont like to ignore people of into the distance. I like to know how the world is built and how it works but most importatly why is it built a particular way and will it change? I love science. It gives reasons to why things happen instead of following the flow of things because we are perplexed or we hold onto a presumption that their something beyond our understanding and we wont have enough knowledge to comprehend it even if we try to advance. Everyday through sorrow and happyness theirs a learning experience that brings prudence and insight. As much as love the beauty of science i also love the arts. I sing, I act, and I dance. When it comes to dancing what fascinates me is that the beats of any type of music deals with a pulse that stimulates an invoulantary reaction making your muscles to move in order for them to stretch out.In a sence, your dancing without even knowing it. When it comes to singing I like to send messages not necessaraly to let my emotions out. I want to help people. Since, nowadays music is all what people hear and is bombarded all over the media. As for acting I love the adventures. Some people say their more catious than curios or curios more than catious im definetly neither. I consider myself in the middle. Its interesting how in theater thiers a risk where you may no longer be the person you are if you become to comfortable with the character you portray. I see this as a way of an alertness to always keep our guard up and only change when we seek the need to only for the better. So, when it comes to being a friend im always there when it comes to something more I put myself out there even more because im sharing my life with someone. The gates for frienship are open for another journey it begins here
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What I'm Looking For

gentle, loving caring, smart, intellectual, funny, seductive not too much, couragous, kind hearted, msomeone i can myself around me a person who can be trust worthy i can lay back and i know hell be there to catch me

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