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Come lay down!!
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Edwardsville Kansas United States
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  Clean Cut, Scruffy
  None but want some soon
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About Me

About me? Hmm lets me see. I'm just the average 30 yr old white male. I like to go camping watch a little football sometimes. My main obsession is music tho. I got my own "sorta studio". Just an 8-track digital recorder. I write my own songs from time to time. (side-note: If you like rock and you facebook, check out Hill Blocks View for yer free sample.) I like to play stuff mostly from the 90's but I can dig up older tunes if need be. Hmmm guess I'm a little above average white male. (side-note: If you want to see a picture of me, You can find them on facebook. Just search for Luke Aaron.)
What I'm Looking For

Like I said, I'm heavily into music, so if you can't bare to share me with my guitar and listen to me play and sing sometimes or deal with me when I get a spark of inspiration to write music then I am not the guy for you. (side-note: Not sayin I'm not to be spoken to or bugged or anything. I like it when women bug me a little, it shows interest. A plus would be if you actually sat in on a songwriting session, other views and experiences are a great thing when it comes to songwriting.) Now that thats outta the way. I'm not lookin for a perfect 10. Hell I'm no Brad Pitt, but who is....besides Brad Pitt? And you don't have to be skinny.(I prefer my women with a little meat on thier bones. I mean, I'm skinny. Rubbin 2 sticks together could be a dangerous thing.) All I'm lookin for is somebody who can care for somebody with about the same intensity that I do, if it gets that far.

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