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Love and music it's what I am
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  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Somerset Wisconsin United States
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  Brown, Blonde
About Me

My name is Wyatt. I love my guitar my music my friends and my video games. I am a very easy going person, I am funny, sarcastic, stubborn at times, I am also very self critical and rarely judgmental. I love kids and I am good with them because I have a 4 year old brother. I am very generous and loving, I am willing to help anyone out with any type of problems no matter how menial others might think they are. I can be smart when I want to be and above all I can be the best friend anyone could ever ask for. (so I've been told) I am a dependable person though I may need a few reminders. I hate fighting and confrontation, and I try to solve a lot of my problems by simply talking them out and hearing out the other person. I try to stop conflict before it begins and I am usually a very upbeat and happy person, though the wrong thing said about me can bring me down. I am not like most kids when it comes to "depression" I have what the professional call "situational depression" but then again everyone has it, but what I mean is that I take out my feelings with a good session of guitar playing and sitting and writing poems. I love to draw and write stories. I plan on going to college next year so I can get out there and experience the full force work life for a while, I have two major passions that I would like to go to college for. Language translation and computer software/video game design so I guess technically three. Well that is about all that I can think of, because I am just horrid at writing about myself, others can describe me better then I can describe myself.
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What I'm Looking For

Someone who has a love of music and who wants to have kids. She has to be able to deal with the fact that I love to play my guitar and video games but I also know how to put them down and do whatever I can, she shouldn't be very judgmental and she shouldn't be shallow either.

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