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Single, Sassy and Sexy
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  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Attleboro Massachusetts United States
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About Me

I'm true to myself and honest with others. I like doing small (and big) things to make the people I care about happy and feel loved and appreciated. I know where my strengths and my weaknesses are. I consider myself to be a constant work in progress- I'm always learning and willing to try new things. I enjoy debating cultural issues as much as I enjoy a walk around the block. There's beauty everywhere in life if you look at things with an open mind.

I moved back to this area a few years ago a much different person than who I was when I left. I started on-line dating about three years ago to meet new people. I've met some really cool people. I've also met some odd people, a few jerks and a couple of friends. What I'm looking for is a partner to share my life with, a best friend and a lover.

I like to hike, camp and canoe. I also like playing backgammon, cribbage and card games. I practice yoga, but I'm not into meditation- I can't sit still long enough. When I go out I would rather go see a band than go to a club or a bar. I love going into Boston even if its just for lunch with friends. In the summer I like going to Castle Island with my daughter. I like to travel and check out new places. I support local business when I can and I carry my own reusable shopping bags 90% of the time. I hardly ever eat at national chain restaraunts or shop at Walmart. I don't like spending my free time zonked out in front of a tv, there's too much to do in life.

I'm open minded yet stubborn about the things I'm passionate about. I believe gay people should able to get married, everyone who is able should vote and each person has a responsiblity to his or her community. I cringe when I see people using plastic shopping bags and have to bite my tongue.

***If you are just looking to get laid, are recently single and 'unsure' about what you want or if you litter, don't care about society or lean strongly to the right then we will not get along, but I wish you the best of luck.***

What I'm Looking For

You are ready for a real relationship and you're not still 'finding yourself'.

You would rather go and do something- ANYTHING- than sit home and watch tv.

You want to go hang-gliding. I've never been, but I've wanted to since I was a little kid.

You really do like to camp and hike and don't just put it in your profile because it makes you look impressive.

You think we'd have incredible conversations and debates.

You have something intelligent to say to me.

You saw my profile and think I'm a horrible person and want to fight about it.

You don't have any hangups about dating a woman with a child and don't assume that I'm looking for a father figure for my child. (This ones huge gentlemen.)

You don't kill spiders. Ever.


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