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"No all who wonder are lost" :)
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Glenwood Springs Colorado United States
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  Very Short
About Me

Hello! I never really know how to shove myself in a nut shell for these things, but lets give it a shot! I live in Glenwood Springs and I love it! I was born and raised here in coloRADo and moved to g-wood about a year and a half ago. My life changed entirely when i moved here. I quit drinking, lost 150 lbs, and started an indescribeably wonderful inward journey. I have learned that i have little control/affect on the things around me, people, places, and things, therefore i spend most of my time working on whats wrong with me. I found that when im happy, everyone is happy! haha! Thats not entirely true, but when im square with myself, i find it easier to be present for others, and when i help someone else, im always feelin' good! I La-la-la-love art in all its forms: painting, music, pottery, and so on. I love the outdoors and really dont mind getting my hands dirty. I was raised with goats, chickens, and horses, but looking at me you probably wouldnt guess so. I love to fish, climb (bouldering&sport), four-wheel, hike, sled, paintball, and im so down to try new outdoor activites. Indoor wise, i love books and music (anything tom petty and im in), i love danceing (even if im the only one), singing (i partake in open mic nights sometime haha), cooking & bakeing, crocheting, card games, puzzels, and whatever else comes along, espically if its twister! :D
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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for a man who is charming and witty. I have a very quick, silly sense of humor and i need a man who plays along and can make me laugh. I am looking for an affectionate man; i am very big on holding hands, snuggleing, kissing, and lovin' up on the man im with. I am uber passionate and can be quite a handful at times. I need a man who can keep up with my high energy and mile a minute talking when im really excited about something. Im not very picky but there are a few things that mean alot to me when looking for a super dude. You've got to love life and want to make it happen for yourself if you want me.

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