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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: douglas Massachusetts United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut
  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

Well the name is mariah

I for one, do believe in writing in the "about me" section of profiles. Some people write that they dont like writing in the about me section, andd to just message them and ask. Well, truth is,.. no body normaly, spills alot about themselves if you ask in a message.

I am generally a friendly person. I dont really have a style. I dont dress skater. I dont dress Ghetto, i dont dress preppy, I am just me i guess. I wear or buy what i like or what catches my eye. I am known for the fact that I always have to be matching. I am not easily angered except for by parents. I really hate being controlled. My entire life, people have told me "what i would make of myself", how i would turn out, how i would act, what my future would look like, how much money i will make. People have told me how i should live my life, what i should do, how i should go about thing. My response is, well, a shut down. I know what i want. I will make something of myself, i will be able to support my family, i will build my future to blow people away, that have doubted me. I will never live up to a Negative expectation.

I like photography. I especially like to edit photos. In the future i am looking into something in the fashion industry. I would love to be a runway director but im not so sure that will happen. Either way, i cannot see myself having a boring desk job. I like to have change. The city life catches my eye so much. My dream is to iether live in Cali, or New York city. I am good at writing, but only when i am in the mood, or inspired. Which doesn't happen often. I can be pretty creative. I do occasionally smoke. I like snowboarding. Cars have always been an inspiration to me. Which sounds so stereotypical.I am picky about my hair. I love energy drinks. They are indeed one of the ways to my heart. I love sneakers and watches. Racism is one thing that will immediately piss me off. I do not understand it at all. To me, people are people, whether they are black, white, or lime green with polka dots. I have an outgoing personality. I am no where near boring. I get along with people easily. I am the type of person that sees a random stranger, and says hello to them. These days. not many people say hi back.lol. they think im wierd.haha!. anyways, I am pretty good at making things "not akward". I can be very blunt. Sometimes its a good or bad thing =P

*Hit me up=D

Favorite Quote:
-"If she doesnt treat her like a princess, then she doesnt deserve to be her princess charming.

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What I'm Looking For

I mostly like femmes.Every now and then i find a stud that i am attracted to but not very often.I respect and value women so much.To me they should be treated perfectly!I am a sucker for romance. I want a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful personality. A sweet girl. I absolutely love short girls. huge attraction! In a relationship, i love to be touching my girl. Whether its, holding her in my arms, holding hands, her sitting on my lap, or even if i am just holding on to her belt loop while walking. I like the closeness. When i have a girlfriend,I tend to go out of my way, thinking of new things to make her smile. It is a drug for me!(: I feel like, in a relationship, you are supposed to make your girlfriend feel like she is the most important girl in the world. I want a girl that will let me treat her perfectly. A girl that doesn't take advantage when i spend my money on her. A girl that appreciates the way i treat her. I love to be dominate. It is a high for me. I like to have that connection that we dont have to be doing anything at all, and still enjoy being together. I want a girl that doesn't mind, if i randomly call her during the day just to tell her she is beautiful. Communication is a big part of a relationship. I want a girl that we can both always be honest with eachother and never need to hide anythiing. When i am single i flirt alot and talk to girls. When i am in a relationship i am the most faithful person. I dont even look at other females. She would be my only attention. Cheating is a bigg NO-NO for me. I think that sex is a great thing, but is is deffinatly not the most important part of a relationship!! I am very mature in a relationship, so i typically only date older females. I can be very patient in getting into a relationship because i wwant to find a girl that i know we can last long together.

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