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I would love to lose some sleep with you ! :)
The Basics
  Age: 48   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: South Carolina United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  Clean Cut
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About Me

If we date, don't be surprised if i drag you out to look at the stars on a clear night to the beach, mountains or country or take you on a storm chasing adventure with me. I know some of you think going to the mall or club is an adventure but really..it's not..no seriously..it's not. It is called an activity and there is an app out there to help you realize that. :)

I am not a big believer in the online dating thing and what they use to match you. You drove by the same street sign (fascinating), but I am an annoying optimist so like a blind man at an orgie, I'm just gonna have to feel things out!

Then there's football. If you need to learn about it, don't worry... i could teach algebra to a monkey !

If you want someone that will always let you know emotionally and physically that you are wanted.. I would be the one for that.

I work and play hard, I don't have time for fake people or those that don't know what they want..

Surprisingly, I am good at cooking and cross country ball room dancing :) actually, only dancing i am good at is horizontal

I don't smoke or mess with drugs. Never had the urge too nor do I lose any sleep over it.

What I'm Looking For

Someone honest who I can trust, likes to have fun and wants one person to enjoy life with. Must have communication skills outside of text or interpretative dance and not beating one hand up with the other when they talk would be a definite plus.. We need to stop the hand on hand crime! Also not being afraid of a broom is a plus as splinters are not that bad.


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