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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Sth. Gloucestershire United Kingdom
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About Me

I asked my friends how they would describe me. I’m not sure I would necessarily agree with them, so I’ll give you both sides of the story. There are a few contradictions which can both be equally applied to me.

Apparently I am creative and imaginative, interesting, and yet boring, hard working, and yet lazy, dedicated and determined, yet easy going and adaptable!
I love a good cup of tea and a clear night sky
I enjoy being helpful and not taking myself too seriously
I’ve an interest in history and archaeology, but find the world in general interesting.
I love music and play in a small acoustic band.
I know my way around a kitchen and enjoy cooking for friends.
I like the simple things in life, but am always up for an adventure, big or small.
I love being outside, or inside (there’s only so much rain you can take if you've worked outdoors).
I enjoy talking about almost anything.

Favourite word is ‘autumnal’

Worked previously in the heritage sector, but looking into becoming self employed or starting something new, but related.

My taste in music varies, depending upon the mood that I’m in, but I enjoy most types of music, as long as it's played well.
An avid reader of almost anything.
Not a huge watcher of TV. Enjoy occasional trips to cinema or theatre, not as much as I'd like to. Quite happy to spend an afternoon in a museum or gallery.
Did have more pictures, but the computer they were on lost them, so nothing recent I'm afraid, apart from the profile picture.
I hope that this is an honest account of me.

What I'm Looking For

Looking to see someone with a slightly different view of the world from the commonplace.
Someone active, with a wide range of interests and a liking for the outdoors.


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