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Once upon a time ...
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The Basics
  Age: 40   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Mexico
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About Me

... I lived and travelled and got ready for continuing this voyage with my life partner to co-create.an extraordinary relationship in harmony with each other's growth, where there is space for spontaneity, spiritual growth, a shared vision of mutual support and personal growth together, laughing, lots of dancing, travelling, and humour.
I am a calm person, more quiet than talkative, I like to banter and write with people who are open to it, I'm reliable, honest, committed, respectful, truthful, open to learning new things and activities, into spiritual growth and energy healing, emotionally available, sportive, observing, available, loving, generous, peaceful, living with integrity, inspiration, creativity, honesty, readiness to share a life project with my soulmate and to love with integrity, committment, and
passion. My partner can aways find home in me. I believe in the interconectedness of everyone and everything in the Universe, in the oneness with a
higher consciousness.
I'm half Dutch and half Mexican, with one foot on each side of the ocean. I like to learn music and languages, dance Latin music, sports, outdoor and indoor activities, relaxing, meditation, doing and not doing, drinking a good glass of wine now and then, eating a good chocolate now and then. I practice fencing, swimming, Latin dancing (salsa, cumbia, merengue), and like to try out new sports. Strolling down the city centers, I'd be watching the buildings, the shops, the people, would go to a museum or admire an old building...

What I'm Looking For

A smart gentleman, generous, loving, available, open and willing to commit to a devoted relationship that supports our mutual growth, sharing and celebration of
this our life, an intelligent man who lives with integrity, honesty, is responsible, inspiring and adventurous, considerate, loving of his and my family, likes sports, music, dancing (I would love to dance with him), has a broad culture and interests.
We both would feel so happy with each other and are very happy with our relationship. Why? Because our vision of mutual growth, committment and support to our relationship as a life project is aligned, and there we create a space for spontaneity, communication. love and creativity.
Deal breakers? definitively smoking, drugs, vices or compulsive habits, that his vision of life doesn't match mine


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