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Mind Over Matter
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  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Virginia United States
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About Me

Your Mind Stayed Upon Me

Your mind stayed upon my
Taking me into the most inner parts of your heart
Having me to make love to your mind over and over again
Only to take me upon you, to become one

Where your mind had taken me to the inside of you
For your mind and your body was having a conversation
Of all the tantalizing ways we were to intertwine
With many expressions of your lips upon mine

Telling just what was on your mind
Only for your body to then join in and combine
Two thoughts becoming as the three
As three turning into four

The four times stronger that our minds where now holding a conversation
A place where only mind connections may go
To flow as if the water fall that had now formed
Flowing from in between your legs

Now enticing me to swim that much stronger
Up stream through your valley and past your mountains
Unto the drink of your lips I had now come to desire
All from the starting of our minds

Only wanting to expresses themselves on the outwards
Only to lead back to the inwards
Where you and I where having much desired conversation
As I look into your eyes and you look back into mine

Knowing the swimming of up stream had come to an end

By: Sotruno

What I'm Looking For

As I Look In Your Eyes

I see all the love you have inside
Wanting to come out yet hiding
Because of all the past hurts and those who have misused you
Yet I see past all that, for I too have been hurt

Yet I as of thee may I come closer to the more
For you and I only to mend each other
By way of a mind to mind connection
Seeing just where our minds shall lead us

For as I look in your eyes
I see all that you are and much more
Only grabbing you by your hand
Asking you to give me the tour of you

The you that only you know that you keep locked up inside
For I want to know that you
Only for so by the both of us
Becoming as one united unto healing

Of our hearts mending for what we had seen
While looking into each others eyes
Only to find out we had fallen a sleep
For only this to had been playing out in our dreams

To awakening in each others arms
Only to truly see the beginning of the dream finished out
For the ending was not yet in the picture
Yet our eyes only just had begin to truly bring forth

What wanted to be known

By: Sotruno


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