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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Eugene Oregon United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

I'm Chadwick. I am going to school for Criminal Justice. I work currently at a movie theater. I'm a fairly nice guy who doesn't like liars or cheaters. I have strong morals of right and wrong and try to follow the laws well enough. I don't do drugs, nor have I. I have a very live imagination. I am a reader, and writer of fantasy so it kinda comes with the territory. I am also a bit of a nerd. I'm good with electronics and am a fan of superhero comics. I am a huge Superman and Green Lantern fan. I love to be out with friends but have no problem staying in when the mood strikes. I Play video games (i like RPG's and MMO's but i also play COD and resident evil). The killers are my favorite band, but I am a fan of older music like 40's-80's but i like all music. People always say i was born before my time, because i am really into older style things and a bit of an old school gentleman.

P.S. My user name was supposed to be son of kandor but i guess i hit f instead of d... xD

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking to meet new people for friendship and relationships both. I don't have many women friends from previous jealous relationships. I would like some more of those. (women friends, not jealous relationships) Relationship wise I love to laugh and think its important my match would too. I hate lying and cheating so anyone with those characteristics is out, and since i'm working toward being a police officer drugs done in the past are ok... but if you are doing them now it wont work out. I like to relax at home, but also enjoy going out and being active. Working at a movie theater I also enjoy movies :P The first thing i notice about a woman is her eyes. I feel you can tell a lot about someone through them. They are kind of like a gateway into your mind.

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