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there's a song in my Heart I'm looking to dedicate
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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: ANNAPOLIS Maryland United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

Unconditional, Forgiveness, Patience, Romance, Dedication, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Promise, Love, Security, Support, Pleasure, Longevity, Intelligence, compromise and Appreciation. Not just these words defined, but these words practiced; everyday and in everyway possible... regardless of us being at odds and even if she's at her worst... she'll still deserve My Best; as long as she's that Lady in my life. A whisper in her ear when she needs some calming, a few words when she needs some reassuring and a monologue for when she ask "how much?" a massage without having to be told where it hurts, flowers just because and a message throughout the day just to say I'm thinking about her. No easily pushed over; so she'll know that I'll both stand for her and by her regardless of the storm.

What I'm Looking For

thick lips... particularly that bottom lip (I'm a sucker for that bottom lip, that right there is sooooooo sexy to me) that will always be amongst the first things I notice. then comes your eyes; if mystery, innocence and mischief can be found in them all at the same time, don't know if I'd be able to resist. especially if it's all followed up by a beautiful warm and inviting smile; yeah, head over heels. a voice that hypnotizes me, that one that sounds like a song during simple conversation. a touch that relaxes regardless of the stress and a hug, a hug that settles the heart, stills the spirit and warms the soul. A kiss that'll open sight to days not yet come and a scent that even removed of perfumes and lotions would stand as the sweetest thing I've ever known; I'm promising to inhale only. Strength; the kind that shines through her personality, you know that strength where as though she'd be able to say "I don't need you in my life" yet be strong enough to swallow her pride during those trying times and say "but I want you here" make me earn your Heart everyday and every step of the way. This way she'll make me better... so that I can do the same in return, leaving the final product a better us. she'd have to be Spiritual; not saying that she'd have to be Holier than thou, but there's going to come a time in life where we'll need to Pray our way through some things... a time where just our strength won't be enough. Her Beauty mustn't be a secret to her, though it'd never be secret in my eyes or one that wouldn't easily be revealed at their opening; she'd still need to know this for herself. she can't be afraid of the dark; and what I mean by this is, she'd have to Trust me enough to know that if in taking my hand while closing her eyes, I'd never lead her to harm nor would I allow any unseen harms to come her way. she mustn't be afraid of me leaving either, in taking my hand comes a Promise... I don't break those. She'd know me; at least well enough to say what I will and won't do. If questioned, she should be able to say "no... that's not how he is" or "yeah... he'd Love that" and for what she didn't know, she'd be willing and wanting to learn. she'd stand for me just like I'd stand for her; as well as be the type to enjoy things of large scales while appreciating those little things that are done "just because". She'd have a sense of humor along with a serious side, a free spirit with knowledge of responsibility. She'd enjoy random irrelevant conversation as much as she would those deep intimate ones. The only games being played would be the ones we'd come up with to please each other; she'd tell me when I was wrong and would admit it when I was right, without allowing those issues regardless of which to separate us.

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