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The Basics
  Age: 57   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut
  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I am someone who loves to travel to experience new and exciting things. People amaze me in so many ways. I love to people watch and interact with them every moment I can. Everyday that I step out of my home a new adventure begins.

I have my own business as a property inspector and also work collecting statistics for the Federal Government. With both of my jobs, I am on the road seeing Wisconsin and all it's beauty. I see different people and sights everyday, which is something that is wonderful to experience.

I have helped to put 3 of my children through college with the last one graduating in 4 years. Needless to say I work quite a bit to support her college experience. I have been in the "empty nest" for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment. I am alone but very seldom lonely because as they say..."I enjoy the company I keep". Now it is time for love to find me. I have taken care of people all my life and would love to have someone take care of me in the same respect I would him.

I am honest and most often to the point. I do not play games with people's hearts and I do not tolerate games played on me. I am a considerate and kind individual, looking for the same in someone I date.

Laughter is very important to me. I find it is the best medicine for the soul. I am well known for my heartfelt laughter and smiles.

I am a morning person, waking up (literally at times) with a song on my lips. It is hard to find me not in a good mood, life is too short to spend on unhappiness.

I like seeing live bands. I dance when the feeling hits me. I have done the night life, (managing an entertainment complex of 7 different themed nightclubs for 9 years), so that is pretty much out of my "needs" in life. I am in to nature and love sitting around a fire at night.

I do not have hobbies per sa, but I do have many interest... (some I don't even know about yet)... Show me...

The most important thing in my life is my family. I come from a multi racial and cultural family. It is very fitting that I speak about them on the bottom of this writing about me, they clearly represent the foundation on which my life is built.

What I'm Looking For

At this time I am not sure. I am not in any hurry to find someone, it is love that will find me when it is suppose to. It might not be on this site but just in passing in my world... Who knows. I do know I enjoy my life as it is but it is time to share my life with someone, my love. I am a very affectionate person.

I have a lot to offer this world... I need to find someone who knows that inside of himself also...

Who am I looking for?

The who I am looking for is unknown yet. I do know the main needs I have in a man. Honesty is of utmost importance... A man is only as good as his word in my eyes and I am looking for a good man. Kindness is essential; I can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats others in public. He must make a good living.

A Gentleman is what I desire... A man I can be proud to be with... A man who loves life and laughs through the hard times as well as the good times... A man who is witty and likes to kid around... A man who wants to explore this world and me... A man who knows how to romance my mind, body and soul. Intensity is what I yearn for...


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