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Down with the Mr.Right Now's. I need my Mr.Right
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

Don't worry I was still made for the 1950's :)

I am the 1st person to appreciate any act of kindness or caring that is bestowed upon me, however I'm also the 1st person to complain about the sometimes most trivial things in my life that go awry. I'm not so ridiculous that I don't see what is is that I do have though. I swear it.

I've come to a point through seemingly a lifetime of faults and screw ups to understand one thing and one thing alone: I am, will be and always have been..me. I'm sure loads of people dislike me, think I'm ridiculous, pathetic, annoying...and to a point I know I am..And for whatever silly old reason that hurts. I want everyone to like me. Cause I'm that dumb.

I'm only a pushover when it comes to the people I love. The problem is I love ALOT of people

I cannot save the world, but that doesn't mean I wont stop trying. It's who I am. The very nature of my being. I would sacrifice all that I am to help procure the happiness that rests in one single person

I didn't know caring and loving could be a thing that was too much. But it turns out for every person whom I do for in my life; it is. I think my love in certain aspects is misconstrued. A combination once again of how deeply I love and how deeply in return I get hurt.

I'll say this much for myself: I'm a work in progress. I know I've got a long road to get where I need to be...but the point is.. I will..I'll warn till I'm blue in the face that I care easily and that I love HARD...and you can say that's not a problem...but it ALWAYS becomes one. so back out soon if you're gonna leave...cause I'm over being hurt.

I speak alot about love. How much I want it. How little time I have for it. It's mainly because of this: I grow more and more saddened everyday by the thought of not having kids. Of not being able to tell stories of my life to them. Of not being able to grow old with the knowledge that I wont be alone. That I'd have kids and grand-kids to keep me company until my last days alive. Another thing is I very much am a "big" picture kind of person. And the more my future is unclear the more downtrodden I become, which is why I fear each year of my life where I'm in the same position with nothing or noone to show for the life Ive lived so far. My biggest fear is ending up alone. As much as I try to deny that outcome the realization of it is settling in with me as each second of my clock ticks.

The best and simultaneously worst thing about me is my heart and how I love. But I just cant change it.

I more then likely am the best person you'll never get to really know. And I only feel sorry for you that you wont.

In truth- I'm nothing you've ever wanted which makes me everything you'll never have.

What I'm Looking For

Love. Simply stated. I want to meet the man who is supposed to love me back. Not for a brief moment in time. Forever andhearts;

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