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I am searching for a Soul Mate,Lover.
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The Basics
  Age: 70   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

OK, what is it with the height thing? I can't believe how many profiles I've read where the "about my date" section has nothing filled in except for the height. It's like all of you will date a bald, fat, cross eyed, jobless, chain smoking, married, Albanian Muslim as long as he's 5'10" or taller. Come on, give me a break, you're killing me here. I consider myself, first and foremost, to be a gentleman, one who believes in treating people with courtesy and respect and I hope for the same in return. When most people first meet me they find that I can be somewhat quiet and reserved, not to the point of being aloof, but definitely on the shy side. Once you get to know me however you will soon discover that I am an engaging conversationalist who possesses a deliciously wicked sense of humor. Though I may not have a wall full of degrees, I can intelligently discuss a number of topics such as literature, history, science and philosophy without completely embarrassing myself, and if you like to play trivia, I’m the guy you want on your team. I make every effort to take care of myself by watching what I eat and exercising regularly, and I am most emphatically a staunch practitioner of good oral hygiene. Hey, these things are important. I’m also a “morning person” and sunrise is my favorite time of day, so if you love to sleep in, we’re probably not a good match as my day will be half over by the time you’re ready to get out of bed. I speak from experience on this one.
What I'm Looking For

What I’m looking for is a woman who I can connect with on multiple levels, emotionally, physically, intellectually, humorously, creatively and spiritually. I realize that’s a tall order, but as someone else said, I’m not looking for the person I can live with, but the one that I can’t live without. I have a tremendous amount to offer the right woman, a lifetime of friendship, devotion, laughter, travel, adventure and just plain fun as well as a comforting word and a shoulder to cry on during the moments of heartbreak that inevitably occur in life. I believe that for any relationship to truly work, it has to be a real and meaningful partnership between the parties involved, and that means that you willingly share in all the duties and responsibilities. That being said I’m a pretty good cook and I’m not afraid of either the vacuum or the washing machine.
So if any of this sounds appealing to you feel free to drop me a line. I won’t think it forward of you to make the first move, I like a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.


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