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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
The Details
  Stylish, Casual, Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
  Blonde, Black, Red   Brown
Body Type:
Eye Colour:
  Blue, Hazel
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About Me

first things first:


I love to go out n take pictures whether its w friends or just of things.

i try to be outside as much as possible in the summer time to enjoy the wether, but try to stay cooped up in the winter cause they arent the greatest here:( to cold!

I would like to return to college an get a degree in teaching, i love little kids and would love to be a pre-school or kindergarten teacher:)

And hopefully get married in the future and have at least 2 kids of my own. I like to be independent with some of the things that i do.
Fav Color: Green ")

Fav Food: Either homemade tacos or pizza

I am the middle child of my family

I really enjoy playing soccer, bit its a shame i dont play much anymore

I also love playing me some volleyball

Cuddling is a big part of me!

I love to take care of the one that I'm with in anyway.

I Have 5 Tattoos

My Left Ear Is Pierced 4 times and my right ear is pierced 3, I also have my tongue pierced

Ive been told i have a huge heart.

I like to help people that need to be helped, but in return i get hurt a lot.

Belching is also a big part of who i am, if you asked anyone i knew around here about it, they'll tell you kinda what im know for in some cases, i do excuse myself if that makes it any better.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm Looking for a guy that can accept me for me, someone who will be there for me when i need a shoulder to lean on. Someone to come home to, and cuddle on the couch with, maybe watch a movie. Someone who is family oriented, and likes to go out and do random things. someone who will be able to handle my crazy hyper goofy side when it comes out:)

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