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take the chance so your not wishing you had later!
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Kearney Nebraska United States
The Details
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

Short. Loves to learn. Waitress. Stubborn. Quirky. Sweet. Blunt. Hates things I don't understand. A lil counrty ;)

I like singing in my kitchen, chasing torandos, and occasionally ghosy hunting, real hunting too lol. Wine is amazing!! I love pin up models and that whole era, and Bettie Page is a GODESS!! I'm a trandy stylish looking girl but once you talk to me I'm a punk a heart who will always speak my mind.

I love to make everyone smile, and I'm a total sweetheart with some spice haha You can find me reading or cooking when I'm not chasing my kids around. I hanging with my counrty boys when I can because I'm from a small town, so there will always be a counrtry girl in my heart ;)

I like talking alot haha so you never have to worry about what to say around me.

Hmmm...dunno what all to put on here lol I listen to everything from Incubus to Linkin Park, Jackson Brown to Stevie Nicks, Drop Kick Murphies to Cake, Buzzcocks to Howlin Wolf.

Some of my favorite movies are What Dreams May Come, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Boondock Saints, V for Vendetta, Tutoro, Muppet Treasure Island, Mystic Pizza, Half Baked, The Blues Brothers, 101 DAlmations, Interview with a Vampire, Boy in the Stripped Pajamas...ehh I could go on forever with movies.

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What I'm Looking For

If your going to talk to me in hopes of nude pics and sexting eff off. I want new freinds, maybe someone to go out with, and who knows we might hit it off so well we start something.

I like to conversate alot!!! I do have kids so if this is a problem I would suggest quit reading. I want someone to do a few courty things with, I like shooting guns and riding horses :) but I like going out and about on a friday night too.

I want someone to finally say "Omg you like George Carlin too?" and to have a conversation where I don't feel like the person sitting across from me is an idiot.

My confidence is high but I:m not cocky, I've had ebough trial and error with a few things in life so I'm pretty sure what I want woth most of life.

I want a guy who can I can go out with on a friday night and I can catch the girls looking at because I'm the same way with guys, but we're not going to start a fight over it. Or he can take me mudding and 4 wheeling then come home and play video games and eat chinese. I have kids but I'm not limited to going out and I want someone to get that they come first and who respects that and who can stand hanging at Burger King while they run around the play place. I'm sick of empty promises and I'm not saying I want serious I just want honesty. You want to hang? Cool. But don't think I'm gonna be some hook up the first night we go out, not saying I don't do casual once in awhile but don't you dare think that's what your going to approach me for.


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