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Looking to fall in love with a wonderful man.
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: San Carlos California United States
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About Me

I feel good when I do kind things and when I expand intellectually. :-) I value my family and friends very much. I enjoy traveling with them. :-) I recently traveled to the tropics with my family, and there we were feeding huge parrots. :-) They said, "Hola!" only to the person who was carrying a bag with nuts. :-)

I enjoy reading books on humor and jokes. Here's a joke that I like:
A man calls a lawyer and asks, "Sir, I have two questions. How much will it cost me for you to answer them?"
The lawyer responds, "What's your second question?"

Here's another joke I like:
Sherlock Holmes and Watson are lying on the grass at night and looking up at the sky. Sherlock Holmes says, "Watson, look at the sky and tell me what do you conclude." Watson replies, "The clouds cover 6% of the sky, and the moon is 77% full." Sherlock Holmes says, "No, Watson. The correct conclusion is that our tent was stolen."

I enjoy reading about psychology and learning new things that will be useful to me.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to fall in love with a great man. :-) I'm attracted to men who take care of their physical appearance, choose to wear sexy clothes and sexy hairstyles, and are either slender or slender/fit. I'm attracted to men who are optimistic and can have a good time anywhere. I trust people who want me to always be happy and who always genuinely want everyone to have a good time. :-) I enjoy being with people who think about what I would like and ask me what they can do for me to make me feel good. :-)

I feel attracted to men who usually feel confident - who know that what they're doing will benefit themselves, others, or everyone. I enjoy spending time with people who know that they're doing their best and don't care about whether they achieve their goals or not as long as they tried their best.


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