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Hello there ladies! You are all beautiful!
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Iowa United States
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About Me

I am a junior at the University of Northern Iowa. I am majoring in physics and mathematics. I am a guy that is just looking for casual relationships right now. However, if a relationship turns out to be more than that I would be more than happy to change my mind :)

Some pastimes of mine are studying, video games, reading, learning about new people, places, and things, being on the internet and hanging out with my friends and family.

Women are the most interesting thing to me despite what my friends may think. Women are unique and fascinating because some can be opposites of what they look like and vice-versa. However, I still have not come across a single one with a majority of my interests and is compatible with me. :( I guess only time will tell. My other interests pretty much deal with learning about everything else. I do have restrictions though such as fear of heights, but I can overcome any obstacle such as this with time.

As of right now, I am a full-time student, a science tutor, and Secretary of my residence hall's Senate. So I am quite busy. This will not effect my response time since I am on my laptop a lot throughout the day. So feel free to message me anytime ladies!

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a lovely lady that would like to be casual first and then possibly something more later. I do not know how much time I can effectively devote to a potential partner due to classes, so that is one of the reasons why I state this.

Characteristics that I am attracted to are: honest, an intellectual in something, caring, autonomous but can be dependent at times too, looks for the inherent good in people, selfless, need someone to be there for them, natural red hair, blue/green eyes, a full figure ( I am just not attracted to super skinny girls, sorry), playful, and if you have a wild side. :)


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