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Hello, So you know I'm kinda shy..
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Alabama New York United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Thin, Athletic, Slim
  None but want some soon
  Occaisional smoker
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
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About Me

Well Im not really good at talking about myself so if you ask then I will answer, Really the only thing I cant say about my self is I love to draw, I very good on computers, I would prefer to build something myself rather then someone do it for me.
I have 6 piercings, 2 (left lobe), 1 (left ear top), 1 in my right lobe, my tongue, and I have my lower lip pierced but I don't wear it, I used to have my nipples pierced but they where ripped out during a backyard football game (OUCH!!! lol). Its a good thing though I think I was dumb for doing it, along with 4 tattoos, Tribal wings on my back with a 3 in the middle (the 3 is because my uncle raised me, and I raised my nephew the 3 to me represents My uncle, Nephew, and myself the wings are to represent protection.) then there is a tribal arm band on my right arm, the word "Reaper" on my right forearm( soon to be covered {I was 16 drunk and had Indian ink and a needle so I did it myself}) then there is the belly button tattoo, the next paragraph will explain that one better.
There is one wierd thing about me, I have no belly button, never had one. I was born with Gastroskesis, which is a birth defect where the abdominal wall does not full seal itself. So I guess that makes me unique.
I'm 23, I'll be 24 in October.. umm, I have no children although I want 4 lol.. someday I will have my family
I have a bad past, screwed up a lot but I'm changing that now. My family and I do not really get along all that well, but I am a family oriented person figure that one out , My family lives 856 miles away from me and we really never talk, they don't agree with where I am going in life. I have alot of issues with my family but that is a ask and I might tell topic.
Soon I will be going to college for either psychology, criminal forensic, forensic science, law, or to become a doctor. Not really sure yet lol.
Personally and this may be horrible of me to say, I can not stand talking to anyone who does not have a brain or chooses not to use it, I dislike stupid people, and there is a difference between a stupid person and those we can truly not help it.
Not really sure what else to add if you are interested I guess ask.
At this point in my life I am having issues with my left leg, I'm losing muscle, it turns redish-purple, and I lose the feeling it in from time to time..
I am a family oriented person even though I do not get along with my family.
I have been told I'm to smart for my own good and that I'm crazy in the same sentence before, not really sure it that's a good thing or not but yeah...
Oh I am horrible with English as you can probably already tell but I got math, Science, and History covered..
umm I love construction, and computers, but also science, and math. I guess they all go hand and hand in one way or another.
I grew up in restaurants, so I can actually cook, and my balance when I have a tray in my hand is impeccable, without one yeah I’m lucky I can walk lol,
Im kinda accident prone though, I have broken just about every bone in my body, but then again I was a stupid kid who did stupid things lol
I really don’t know what else to say I am basically rambling on and on to get to 100 words lol, need about 10 more so hmmm let’s see what else I guess just ask if you would like to know anything else Im usually an open person. messaging other members

What I'm Looking For

Right at this moment in my life I'm looking for friends, someone to talk to just go out of a bad relationship so I'm not really sure I want to start another one yet but who knows.. lets talk and see that happens

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