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Bla bla bla yippity bla ha what?
The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Hampshire United States
The Details
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  Smokes only when drinking
  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
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About Me

Final Draft of my first book is due Sept 1st for editing by the publisher. :)

Getting very tired of this site. Talk talk talk talk and never meet up. If you're not willing to meet up then don't bother - can't stress this enough. Talking in person is nothing like talking online.

If you can't figure out from this massively elongated profile on whether or not to meet me, that's your loss. Serious people only, alright?

That basically means - Couple of messages, oh hey, let's meet here/there, talk, get to know each other, see if it's even worth it.

Okay? Sweet.

"Life is a story that unfolds between a beginning we can no longer remember and an end we know nothing about."

If you're not
In/out of college,
A character,
then I want nothing to do with you.
(I forsee saving a lot of you a massive amount of time, and mine.)

Sarcastic, Witty, Intelligent, Goal-Oriented, Logical, Blunt. <-- That's me.

Religion: Atheism is a non-prophet organization
Political Views: Errors have been made, others will be blamed.

The most "I's" I have ever used in a single writing.

I want to find someone that will show me this world is as beautiful as I see it, my mind simply refuses to see it.

I am simply a particle, minute in this universe; oh how I wish that we are simply spirits of blue and green energy, intertwining without conflict, weaving as though such beauty had not been seen since the creation - traveling the vastness of space.. together..

I am obsessed with art.
I am infatuated with ability.
I am drawn to natural beauty.
I am awed by the metaphysical,
I am stricken by the sui generis,
I am loved by invention.
I am devoted to science.

Italian and Welsh, I love food and have manners.

I'm not opposed to drug use, what you do is your business, however I must admit that if it's an obsession or compulsion it's a turn off. (Bud is different, I don't mind it, though I no longer smoke - I was a habitual smoker - college and success are more important now.) If you do art, then the use of such things is even more justified.

I like debating people to see how much they know and often delve into other peoples minds at an attempt to figure them out, I consider myself fairly proficient in it by now, it's fun to see if I am right.

I am absolutely fascinated with the sciences, whether that is mechanical or biological sciences. Absolutely infatuated. I read compulsively, intelligence is -highly- important to me and I do not tolerate ignorance well. I am utterly obsessed with becoming a Geneticist, it's my ultimate goal.
What I’m doing with my life
College currently for General Education, then Medical Lab Science then BioTech, writing a book as well.. Slowly.

What I'm Looking For

Not to be an ass, but I do have some specifics.....

Shorter than 5"9, as I am roughly 5"8/9
Not weigh more than average. Preferrably not exceeding 130..(I weigh 140) Exceptions can be made.. It varies.

What I want in a convoluted manner -

A girl capable of seeing the wind move,
Of hearing the tree fall,
One that sees the world as few do,
One that believes in life in every bit of nature,
Who can feel the power of the leaves falling, the rain splashing, and the earth spinning.
A girl that's capable of showing intelligence or ability,
I have my goals in mind, as well as my career, do you?

Ideal Date:

MY ideal date? Listening to classical music, drinking red wine, having intellectual conversation about anything and everything in the world - simply conversing about a myriad of subjects. I can hold a conversation on a rather expansive amount of subjects, my ideal match can as well


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