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Tired of the Liars, Cheaters, Beggars and Thieves!
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  Age: 55   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Washington United States
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  Bi-Curious, Straight
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About Me

I am a half Italian and half German Sagittarius with a Scorpio moon, if that tells you anything. I am honest, loyal, sympathetic, nurturing, rational, openminded, optimistic, playful, and proud. I also have twisted sense of humor. For example; I think Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies on the Adult Swim channel are hilarious. I like rock n' roll and grunge music. Bands like Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, and Godsmack are a few that I regularly listen to. I am very self sufficient, and low maintenance since I never go to a beauty salon and I hate to go shopping. I prefer to shop on line where I have a better selection at a lower price. I do pamper myself and I like to find ways to improve my surroundings. I am unconventional in some ways, yet in others I am old fashioned. I am completely faithful and expect the same in a relationship. I like to lay my cards on the table so to speak. I am not into politics or religious retorect, however I am spiritual and believe in the laws of karma. I am a bit of a risk taker, and I love the adrenalin rush of fear. I have a wide array of interests ranging from archeology to astrology and so many topics in between. I also like sports cars, snow skiing, hiking, horseback riding, gardening, cooking gourmet meals, writing poetry, playing video games, UFC/mixed martial arts, stargazing, and rock hounding. I am very open minded and a definite believer in the occult/paranormal. I am somewhat shy and reclusive but I am also out spoken and sometimes brutally honest. I love being out doors especially in the forest where I feel I am at my best. I do not swim, in fact I sink like a rock, and the ocean to me seems lonely and stinks like fish. I would rather eat dinner at home versus a restuarant, so I can watch tv and relax. In fact, I am a bit of a recluse. I do not like crowds but I love adventures. It takes a lot to scare me, but I do love to be scared. I am probably an adrenalin junkie, and a risk taker. I am not usually competitive and I am a gracious loser. My biggest phobia is spiders, and drowning, so these two things are off limits as far as pranks go. Otherwise, I love to tease and be teased. Sarcastic wit is a turn on, and speaking of turn ons I am a lover of fantasy. I am very sensual and not afraid to express myself. I am shy at first, but after I feel completely comfortable, look out!
I have a really good sense of smell, like a wolf, but my eyesight is not the greatest. I have been called meticulous and overly sensitive by my friends. I guess I would also say I am kinda picky about certain pet peeves I have. For instance, putting things back where you found them is one of mine. I don't know there are a few things I will not deviate from: For instance, I prefer dogs over cats, pepsi over coke, and mayonnaise over miracle whip. I am very close to my immediate family and crazy about my female Whippet dog named Joule. I am innovative and resourceful, adaptable, and spontaneous. Some of my favorite quotes are: "Why not go out on a limb, afterall isn't that where the fruit is"? "A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the curve". "If someone stands for nothing they will fall for anything". "Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it". "Reach for big treasures, but relish small pleasures".
"Age and time will wrinkle the skin, but lack of enthusiasm will wrinkle the soul".
God this has almost turned into a novel, okay that outta do it.

What I'm Looking For

Besides the usual good traits, I am looking for someone that I have a spark with and someone I feel totally comfortable with. I like people who are open minded and adventurous. He should be kindhearted, loyal and honest, someone who has the courage to say what he thinks and is comfortable expressing his thoughts and sharing his feelings. I am attracted to men who have a calm self-assurance and do not panic in an emergency. I do not want a partner who is overly concerned with his looks or his image. He should be clean and well groomed, but vanity or conceit is a turn off to me. I am a nonconformist, and I do not follow the rules unless they make sense to me. So I need someone who isn't afraid to take the road less travelled with me so to speak.
A sense of humor is vital and he should be able to laugh at himself and at my sick sense of irony as well. He should like animals, especially dogs and not get jealous over my dog sleeping on the bed. Hopefully, he doesn't smoke cigarettes, but if he does he smokes outside. I can't stand miserly people or someone who is too materialistic. I dont frequent the bar scene so I need someone who feels the same. He should prefer to go on an adventure with me instead. I will not accept someone who is deceptive or secretive because I am totally open and sharing so I expect the same in return. It would be nice to find someone who could have a disagreement without turning it into an argument. He should be easy going but also protective and not afraid to stand up for what is right. I don't like passive individuals because I believe in confronting people and issues in order to get to the truth. He doesn't have to be a genius but he should be literate and able to hold an interesting conversation. I have a thirst for knowledge and I like to research topics in order to get all the information. It is important that he respects me even in my absence and that he always has my best interest at heart. Hopefully, he will adore me for my childlike nature and generous heart. And truly love me for what I am on the inside rather than how good I look on his arm. He should appreciate my loyalty and dedication to him and freely gives the same in return. I know it sounds cliche, but I guess I am still looking for my soulmate. Someone like me, but a man.


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