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Searching for a long term love
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jupiter Florida United States
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About Me

Well, let's see...I am 21 years old, and ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to find my perfect romance. I always had a vision of my happy ending, and even though I am an adult and I know better than to get caught up in fantasies, I still find my mind wandering ever so often. I don't believe this is a bad thing, but a creative spark that spurrs my search for happiness. My goals in life after all are modest, and yet set in stone.

I am currently a student in college, striving to become a capable elementary school teacher. I have always loved children, and my philosophy is that, a child is as good as the chance they are given. I truly want to make a difference. I want the children I teach to know that the possibilities are endless and that they can only be as good as they can believe themselves to be. All children deserve this chance.

If you get to know me there are a few things I guess I should bring up! For starters, yes, I am that person that goes 'awwwwww' when they see a cute baby...or an ugly one for that matter...
Also, I will never type in text talk...it is a an annoyance that I can put up with, but will not be particularly happy about.
I am from the South, and was born in North Carolina, saying this I am very capable at sewing, cooking, and baking. I am proud of it, and I dont care if it is a stereotype.
I have a slight drawl that will flare up if I am upset...people call it cute, and sometimes they piss me off on purpose.
I may get pissed, but I am rarely truly angry and if I am angry it will be obvioce...
I love all types of movies as long as they have a plot that I can follow.
I am an avid reader, and go through two to three books a week.
I can talk all day but dont be afraid to tell me to stop. Sometimes I tend to ramble...exspecially if I get excited...
I am a big animal lover and have had everything from cats to horses since I was born.
I am striving to find that person that I can't wait to wake up for in the morning, just to see them smile.

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What I'm Looking For

As for what I am looking for...well, I guess I am looking for my other half. I just want someone who will love me, and that I can love back. Someone kind hearted, who loves animals, and is gnerally a happy person like myself. I want someone that I can have a conversation with just by holding hands. Never needing to say a word...

Like I said, I am a romantic, and if you like what you see, or have any questions please feel free to ask. I love answering questions!


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