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Is It ME You're Looking For? Hi, I'm Mr. Right
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  Age: 59   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Vällingby Stockholms Län Sweden
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About Me

I`m a rare and different kind of man, difficult to find and end even harder to forget. I have had a hard life that has freed me of most annoying male traits and spoiled characteristics. To survive it all, I have developed to the stage, where I combine the qualities of 3-5 regular men in one man. After many long relationships and a LOT of short-term female encounters, I finally know what women need from a man, and how to provide it. I know how difficult it is to create a working relationship between two people, who BOTH really love and need each other. Therefore, I'm in no hurry to date women today. I don't want another "almost great" relationship, and having no illusions anymore, I can spot one a mile away. I'm also not interested in running around and meeting a lot of women, playing the promising future husband to get into bed with them. No, I simply want to find the proper woman for me, that can make me as totally happy as I can make her. Otherwise, I'll just live alone until I find her. My work is much too important for me to waste time chasing women for sex, and being what I have become today -- one of the few rare men that understands women and can make them totally happy with their lives -- I will not waste myself on occasional acquaintances anymore. As a wise man once said: "The hardest thing is not to make 365 women a year happy, but 1 woman happy for 365 days a year". I'm opening two new companies next year and am launching three world class technologies, so my time is very precious. The woman I will spend it with MUST be the right one. I want to have a family with her, and BY GOD, it will be a happy one (as opposed to my previous life). My own family background has been very traumatic, so I simply MUST achieve a happy personal family to compensate for it. At least, I know all about how NOT to treat your children (I could write books about it). Children and animals seem to like me instinctively, and also women who have had a LOT of experience with men (restaurant and bar waitresses, prostitutes and call girls, taxi drivers, dance teachers, cashier girls, receptionists, sales assistants). I don't look my age at all, people think I'm in my thirties (good genes and a healthy inner child). Young girls feel very at home with me, and usually have a small crisis when I tell them that I'm 49 years old. I'm a former musician and still want to find the time to compose and release my music. I'm also a good dancer (former salsa DJ, dance teacher, contest dancer and club owner). I'm sexually very open-minded, and always find new ways to make the woman I love experience pleasure. The short list is: loving, caring, faithful, tender, romantic, polite, earnest, kind, honest, trustworthy, reliable, hard-working, philosophical, musical, loyal, humorous, intelligent, responsible, brave, understanding, dependable, generous, handsome, charismatic, thoughtful, daring, bold, noble, strong, realist, enduring, experienced, realist, disillusioned, wise, spiritual, realist, sexual, gentleman, great father and very good friend. If you think that it sounds too good to be true, then think again. I'm a living exception, and life's beaten me bloody before I became what I'm today.
What I'm Looking For

An attractive, charming and representative woman that doesn't spoil easily, isn't after my money primarily, isn't looking for a quick ticket to the western world, doesn't use men for her purposes, doesn't cheat on her husband and isn't a shopaholic. She should be a good cook preferably because I'm not, and am working too hard to learn how to. She should enjoy sex and not be shy about it, because I'm very adept at giving women sexual pleasure, and my fantasy has no boundaries -- anything goes, but sometimes, when I'm stressed and tired from work, I just want to kiss, caress and cuddle in bed. I also like women who can take charge sexually, so I don't always have to do all the hard work. She should like music and dancing, movies, walks in the park, jogging, calm evenings at home. She should also be a good learner because my life is evolving very dynamically right now, and she'll have a LOT to learn to keep up. Due to bad experiences with East European women, I won't pay any travel expenses for them if they want to visit me. And PLEASE, she HAS to speak DECENT English, Swedish or German !!

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