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God Gave Me Life
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  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jonesboro Arkansas United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

Who I am: I am a passionate girl who has a love for God! I am a proud mom of 4 beautiful babies! I am somewhat shy but not too bad I don't think. I AM reserved. I have self respect and I don't plan on losing that.

My Passed Times: Well I'll leave out the boring!! My Papaw taught me how to fish, I taught myself to cook (and I can make a mean steak).

My Interests: Camping! I don't mind getting dirty every now and then, but I HATE bugs. Gross!! I like the outdoors especially if I can share it with someone.. :), Singing!! I love being on stage. It's the idea of having all eyes on me or being heard. I love it when I hear people clapping and cheering me on. I hope to make this my future career. :) Cooking! I absolutely LOVE to cook! It's pretty much become a hobby. I am always making something new! It's RARE when I actually toss something together that people DON'T like. I wont say it's never happened cause I'm sure not perfect but it doesn't happen often. :)

My Life: Well, I'll start by saying I am NOT your Sunday morning christian but I AM however a christian no less. I go to church when I can. Every day I have something different that happens in my life. My life is ANYTHING but routine. Not that I wouldn't LIKE it to be somewhat of a routine, but there is ALWAYS SOMETHING unexpected that happens. Makes my life what it is! It's wonderful! Full of surprises! I have some bad days but I make up for it with the good days! I try and get out one night every week. Sometimes it's Thursday, sometimes it's Monday, or maybe Friday or even Saturday. I love to sing so I find someplace that's having Karaoke and I go make myself happy! :) I will have a drink every now and then. I don't ever drink more than 2 beers though. Not for any special reason I'm just not really a fan of alcohol. That's about all for now!

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What I'm Looking For

I need someone who can smile when they are happy and someone who is NOT afraid to shed a couple of tears when they are sad. I would like to find someone who can laugh when they think something is funny and be open and about something they don't really like. I like honesty and I like it when someone can express their honesty by being themselves. I want to find someone who loves kids whether they have their own or not.

I want someone who DOESN'T DRINK ALL THE TIME. Finding someone who doesn't stay drunk is a MUST. Having fun and staying drunk are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS.

No smoking is a must. I can't stand nasty cigarette breath. It's gross. End of story.

I can accept you the way you are as a person but if it's going to be ANYTHING more than a friend then I deserve to be happy and I deserve to have what I want. At least in a few areas.

I want someone who has a good self esteem... but isn't conceited. I have my own self esteem issues and I'm not here to fix yours my job is to take care of myself. I will however lend you a shoulder if you need someone to talk to or someone to cry to but try not to make yourself sound like a Drama Queen. I'm not up for that, I HATE DRAMA!!!!

I just like to be happy!!!!! I DESERVE to be happy!!! SO DO YOU!! SO BE HAPPY!!!!

BOTTOM LINE, I need a friend. If it turns into something more then so be it, but all I or anyone else TRULY needs is a friend.


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