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Looking for an open-minded & easy-going girl
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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Indian   Location: California United States
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About Me

I'm a relatively new transplant to the San Diego area from Atlanta. I don't really have many friends here and am looking to meet new people. Since I work full-time, I hope to make friends here to hang out with after work or do some fun activity over the weekends. I'm not particularly looking for anything serious right away!

I'm an easy-going, free-thinking and generous guy. Grad school might have just succeeded in making me a bit anti-social though :). I listen more than I talk. I observe more than I have to show. I'm a little quiet to start with {losing brownie points?} but get increasingly comfortable around like-minded & interesting people. I've set a few goals for myself and am determined in pursuing them. As much as I am an idealist, I'm practical. I can be more honest and straight forward than what is considered politically right.

I enjoy my cup of tea more than coffee. I'm a foodie and often find myself trying out different vegetarian cuisines. I usually dislike fancy things. I'm not really a party person and feel out of place in nightclubs. I spend a large part of my time learning and studying. I'm politically left-leaning and economically a social liberal. I appreciate meaningful cinema and am fond of sarcasm. I pretty much like all kinds of music with exception of cheesy pop numbers. I'm an academic by heart and like living in a socially open culture. I'm fond of philosophy and love an engaging discussion. I never get bored in book-stores and cafes. I've a strong sense of natural belonging and like to explore nature in its purest forms. Something I'm not quite proud of - I can't yet appreciate good cheese and wine as much as I would like to. I could definitely use some help here!

I find myself being great pals with people who share at least a few interests. I definitely look forward to meeting you if you are one! I've observed that I get along really well with nerdy people, although I'm sure it isn't a prerequisite.

What I'm Looking For

woman who is open-minded, wants to travel or hike, play a sport, try an interesting restaurant, just hang out for drinks, go to the movies, talk about all the $h** that happens around us, watch theater, go wine tasting, try out an adventure sport, go volunteering, be an activist, or even change the world. I'd be down for any of those at any time!

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