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Hey all!
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  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lynchburg Virginia United States
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About Me

I am strong willed, determined, stubborn, reliable, driven. I never give up on something important to me. I have a good sense of humor and am pretty good with not getting offended by what people say to me in kidding. I'm a thinker probably too much but a thinker non the less. I have a pretty fiery temper if you push me too far and I won't go easy on you when I am. I am very blunt and say things straight to the point and don't like when people can't tell me how they feel. I'm a very emotional feeling person and I will express how I feel at any given time. I enjoy honesty and people telling me how they feel as well. I try my best to constantly improve myself as I am far from perfect. I can either be a complete idiot or very mature or a mix of both.

I believe in what I believe and I will not change for anyone. I am gay for men and damn proud. Religious views would be Pluralism and Deism. I am 100% for gay marriage, thinking women should have every freedom men do including not wearing a shirt or bra, and I believe guns and any other weapons are a right. Free trade, a choice to choose socialized health care or to keep your own private medical insurance, and freedom of religion are all very important to me. I believe a woman should be able to choose whether she wants to have a baby or not so I am pro-choice. Federal government has too much power we need to get back to the basics when the people choose what happened not the guys who give themselves bigger paychecks. I am liberal but a few things I am conservative about like guns, and non-socializing government. I do not like to stick it with either party so independent is the way for me. I like arguing and fighting which is why I also enjoy working out because I get that adrenaline rush every time. Strength training and cardio are quite enjoyable. I also enjoy singing, dancing, drawing, and writing. The theater is also a hobby of mine and I wish I could see productions more often. Yoga helps me de-stress and feel whole. I enjoy a good cigar, and fancy a nice wine when in the mood but I enjoy all liquors as a generality. I used to smoke but not anymore. I like watching movies but sometimes the books are superior. Video games are a corner stone of my existence. I've been playing since I was five and the level of my gaming has to be hardcore. If its there I want to play it. My current style is a little something called homo gothica. I’m interested in the paranormal and magic. I often crossdress as a woman and am getting a sex change as my gender identity is male with a little bit of it here and there. I am indeed a ftm transgender. I enjoy open and honest people who can accept people from any race, background, and have different opinions from them and still be friends. I eat pretty healthy. Don't drink soda, don't really like sweet things, and drink a soy protein shake with soy milk most of the time. Fruits and vegetables are good. The one thing I just don't like is fish. You cannot pay me to eat that shit. My personality is pretty split so I can either be super serious or a complete idiot. It all depends. Depression and bipolar doesn't help with the splitness, but its okay because I'm still myself with both personality's. Stupid people, or rather ignorant people make me annoyed and there are so many retards in the world it makes me shake my head from the amount of fail. Fakes and haters are not my thing so if you wanna roll with me bring what you are.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who is open minded and non judgmental who can accept me for who I am without trying to change me. I do like them a little bit older than me and a bit more matured. They have to be trust worthy and not just be after one thing. I want a relationship not a hit and run. Race doesn’t really matter to me. Religion depends on what they believe and if I can be comfortable with their beliefs.

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