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Behold! I have typed a shout out to the World!
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Ohio United States
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  Occaisional smoker
  Casual, Scruffy
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About Me

I'm Mike. I like to be brutally honest, and straight forward.
I'm a self-centered prick most days. I love to laugh and have a good times, especially if it's at someone elses' expense. Not to say I'm a mooch persay, I just get my jollies in other peoples' plight.
I've love psychology, a good video game, and driving way over the speed limit. I live recklessly. I concern myself more with having fun now, than living tomorrow. I attended college for a very short time, before realizing it isn't for me. I learn by experience, not by old guys rambling to me about things that really have no logical connection to anything that matters in my own life.
Some call me lazy. And that's very true. I quite enjoy lounging, and relaxing. But once I am motivated towards something, I let nothing stop me. It's simply that, a motivation issue.
People love to be around me, I have a very fun, outgoing attitude and behavior. People seem to...not be able to resist having a good time, if I'm involved. On the opposite end, I can be shrewd, sarcastic, and outright bitter. When I disapprove of something, the world knows. I make my opinions very clear, and loud, and I tend to not care who is offended by them. And I do indeed have an opinion about everything.
I'm a wealth of random facts and knowledge, I read random wikipedia articles, the dictionary, encyclopedias, religious pieces, everything. All in pursuit of knowledge. because knowledge, is power.
I ramble. I talk/type, way more than I should most the time, and it typically throws people off and scares them. Like it's done to most everyone that has tried to read this, I'm sure.
However, you, are different. You, have read my work is rambling non-sense, and remained either entertained, or intrigued. Which is it I wonder? It's irrelevant. I have captured your attention, and your sense of wonder. You want to know more. You're laughing now. You find it awkward that someone would compose their blurb in this fashion. An extravagant trap, a rouse. But, it has worked, my new friend. Now, obey your desire. And obey this text. Somewhere on this page (My memory fails me suddenly as to the exactness) you shall find a button to message me. You will click that. You will type something to me. And soon, we shall engage in a form of conversation.
This is my decree.

What I'm Looking For

Some people. Y'know. For chatting, and stuff. I enjoy a good ol' chat, y'know what I mean? I'm really just rambling at the moment to hit that 160 characters mark. Huzzah!

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