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Life is so full of the unknown
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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Racine Wisconsin United States
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My name is Rod. I graduated from Gateway Technical College as a Programmer/Analyst. I'm currently working and attending the college to pursue another degree in Automotive Technology as well as Accounting. My goal is to make myself well-rounded in how many skill-sets I possess. My goal is to find people that I can relate to. I have a number of talents and insight to share with others. But, more importantly, I'm interest in what I can learn from othere. If I could describe myself, I would has that I'm conservative but liberal in my approach to life.

As a hobby, I enjoy writing. In school, I was quite talented in literature and composing compositions. In my spare time I enjoy working on two novels I started some times prior. In my spare time, I am also an avid reader. I think that it was my interest in reading that fueled my aspirations to be a writer. Also, I enjoy programming and writing computer applications. I loved it so much that I decided to go to school for it. Not long ago, I graduated as a programmer/analyst.

My goal is to one day have a family. I currently have no children but hope to some day have several of my own. I, also, wouldn't mind being an entrepreneur. I wouldn't mind having my own technician shop for working on vehicles, which is another hobby and career that I'm taking up in college.

I aspire to be of great influence in my community. I've always been the compassionate type, wanting nothing but to see other people happy. People say that I sometimes put others before me but this is not the case. The Bible even says to give more than we take. I think that that sacred adage is what has garnered me so many blessing. I've been fortunate for quite sometimes because of how I conceive this notion of friendship. I can't continue to emphasize how important it is to have as many as life bring our way.

In regards to dealing with online social network site, I become disappointed when people judge others before they get to know that person. Innocently, I thought that when I approach someone new in a polite manner that I would be greet amiably or that I would at least be important enough to garner a positive response from those I encounter but this is sometimes not the case. I've noticed that people aren't as hospitable, courteous, or as polite as I'd thought people would be when approach but shame on me.

I had to learn the hard way that some people are selfish and self-centered. I have also noticed that some people are arrogant, judgmental, and bias. While all of this is human natural, when we encounter it, it doesn't mean that hurts any less. My thing is this, we only have one life to live, let's not waste it being fearful, skeptical, pessimistic, vulgar, inconsiderate, or inactively. Let us open ourselves up to life, and just explore it. Let us get the most out of it.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone that I can date, hangout, and just have good conversation with. So simple, but apparently so hard to find. I'm looking to have friendship before anything else and cherish someone with a kind heart, funny, great personality, interesting, and bold. I say bold because I love someone that would do or say the unexpected; it usually make my interest for a person go up when they are not predicatable. (Don't be too unpredictable, ladies haha)

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